Aksor, Archon Priest

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"He was better off in the Prison of Elders."
Aksor, Archon Priest
Biographical Information




House of Winter (temporary)
House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Kings (speculated)









Combat Information


Winter's Run


Shrapnel Launcher


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Ultra Smash


Aksor, Archon Priest was a Fallen Archon for the House of Wolves, who was detained inside the Prison of Elders only to be broken out by the House of Winter in a bid for him to join their House. He is the boss of the Winter's Run strike mission. [3]


A servant of Kaliks Prime, Aksor served as the Archon of the House of Wolves during the Reef Wars. He was responsible for numerous campaigns against both Awoken enclaves and Human settlements.[4] He was later imprisoned, by Mara Sov, and was sent to the Prison of Elders within the Reef, until the House of Winter hired the mercenary, Taniks, the Scarred, to break him out, which succeeded. With the Archon, the Winter Fallen began trying to restore his Soul, by transporting him to Winter's Run.[5][6] He was later freed from his capsule, after the Guardians invaded the House of Winter to kill him, which cause him to attack them, only to met his end.[7]


Aksor, Archon Priest has two main abilities consistent with most Fallen Bosses: Teleportation and an Ultra Smash. He often teleports between locations in order to get a clear shot at targets or disrupt a shooter's line of sight. He can cover a great distance with this ability. When combatants close within melee range, he employs a devastating area of effect stomp attack, known as: Ultra Smash. He uses this attack fairly often as he normally attempts to corner Guardians into an area where they cannot run. For ranged combat, he uses a Shrapnel Launcher. He fires this weapon at an incredibly fast rate, comparable to the MIDA Multi-Tool, allowing him to take down Guardians quickly so he can switch to his next target.

It is, however, possible to stunlock Aksor with sustained headshots, allowing the player to keep him pinned down and deal as much damage as possible. Repeated headshots can melt his health within seconds.


  • Aksor is presumably a member of the House of Wolves based on his lore, but his killcam shows no affiliation to any house (although his robes and color scheme suggest he is a member of the House of Kings and strangely around his cell there are numerous King banners instead of Winter ones).
    • Archon Servants found in the Prison of Elders also belong to the House of Kings and serve Kaliks Reborn. This adds speculation as to whether Aksor belonged to the House of Kings.
      • Although, the colors may signify Kaliks Prime, since Kaliks Reborn’s central eye is yellow, just like it’s servants. Meaning it’s possible that it hints to Kaliks Prime.
  • In the Taken version of the Winter's Run strike, Aksor is replaced as the Strike's boss by Nixis, Hunger of Oryx.
  • According to the Grimoire "Aksor initiated brutal crusades against human settlements beyond the City" before he was captured by the Reef.
  • Aksor is the first Archon to be featured in a strike and the only strike Archon to be Fallen.
  • Although having the title of an Archon, Keldar, Archon Priest has a stronger authority than Aksor because, even though a servant of Kaliks Prime, Keldar is a servant of Orbiks Prime. To make things clear, Orbiks servitors have authority over Kaliks servitors.
  • Aksor in indonesian means landslide.


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