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"Select application: Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar sextant. List continues."
— Weapon description
MIDA Multi-Tool
Production overview




The Last City

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Scout Rifle

Required Level:


Min-Max accuracy:


Min-Max stability:


Min-Max handling:


Min-Max magazine:



Fire mode:


Rate of fire:

210 RPM



Effective range:


Service history

In service:





MIDA Multi-Tool is an Exotic Scout rifle obtainable in Destiny. It can be obtained by either purchasing it from Xûr, Agent of the Nine or by Primary weapon Engram drops. A Year Two version of the MIDA Multi-Tool is available in The Taken King. When Rise of Iron released, the MIDA Multi-Tool became one of the few Exotic weapons to have Ornaments, which have a chance of being dropped from a Radiant Treasure.


The MIDA Multi-Tool comes from an alternate timeline when a revolutionary group called MIDA had ruled Mars. It, along with the MIDA Mini-Tool, are the only known artifacts from this alternate timeline.

The MIDA Multi-Tool is the first of three Exotic scout rifles introduced in Destiny, the other two being the Boolean Gemini and the Touch of Malice. It is noted for its unique RoF-impact archetype, which has very few contenders.

Lore tab[edit]

Select application: Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar sextant. List continues.

Zavala — A waste of time, as always. I won't confiscate the Red Death engrams, I won't roll back the SUROS Crucible firmware to its “original” (preposterously inflated) state. And I won't conduct any more “forensic inquiries” like this! My Redjacks unlocked your MIDA weapon's logs; simple enough once we used the rifle's own electronic warfare tools. The rifle was designed by primitive AI and manufactured for use by a “revolutionary government” named MIDA. Mars Is Damnably Arid, perhaps. Guerilla war suits these versatile weapons. But Rahool insists his records never hinted at a rebel group named MIDA. According to the rifle's cached messages, MIDA's brief reign killed a full ten percent of the Martian people. I gave Lakshmi the weapon for her take. She insinuates that it came from another timeline, perhaps through Golden Age experiments. That means it's outside your jurisdiction to ban. —Shaxx

Weapon Mods[edit]


  • Special Ops - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of MIDA Multi-Tool.
  • Arctic Survivalist - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of MIDA Multi-Tool.

Destiny 2[edit]

  • All The Essentials - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of MIDA Multi-Tool.
  • MIDA Tactical - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of MIDA Multi-Tool.

Weapon Perks[edit]

Barrel Extensions[edit]

  • Soft Ballistics: Less recoil. Penalty to impact.
  • CQB Ballistics: Greatly reduced recoil. Significant penalty to range.
  • Smart Drift Control: Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range.

Special Perk[edit]

  • Third Eye: Radar stays active while aiming down this weapon's sights.

Stat Modifiers[edit]

  • Lightweight: When held, this weapon grants +2 character agility.
  • Quickdraw: This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.
  • Field Scout: Increases carried ammo capacity.

Exotic Perk[edit]

  • MIDA Multi-Tool: This weapon boosts movement speed and fires on a hair trigger.


MIDA Multi-Tool lacks strong, situational abilities like other exotics do, but it compensates for this in performing well in all situations. Characterized by strong handling traits, it is a very responsive weapon that sees a lot of use. For one, its naturally fast rate of fire, combined with high accuracy and stability, will put most foes down in a matter of seconds. Third Eye is a great awareness perk for when tracking enemy movement, allowing the player to more easily respond to and retaliate against enemy assaults, increasing your survivability. It can also help to predict and judge the distance from your target. The exotic perk gives the weapon extra utility by increasing the player's base movement speed as well as enabling it to be fired on a hair trigger, reducing the pressure needed to press that trigger. This means that one can effectively rapidly fire bullets across a corridor and lock it down, suppressing any enemy that tries to fight back. The MIDA Multi-Tool can pin down targets across any range, and as such makes it a versatile weapon with many applications.

Destiny 2[edit]

The MIDA Multi-Tool is mostly unchanged, though when the MIDA Mini-Tool submachine gun is also equipped, it will gain a speed boost as well.

To acquire the MIDA Multi-Tool, first you need to complete the campaign, and then the World Quest for the European Dead Zone. Then, speak to Banshee-44, who will send you to get precision shots and multikills in the EDZ using a scout rifle without reloading. Then, speak to him again, and then dismantle five rare or legendary scout rifles. Speak to Banshee-44 once more, then kill enemies while airbourne with the MIDA Mini-Tool or any other SMG. Return to the gunsmith to pick up the MIDA Multi-Tool.


MIDA Multi-Tool is an extremely strong weapon in the Crucible due to its utility and dominance at long ranges. It, along with the Ace of Spades, are currently the only weapons to keep the radar on screen even when aiming down sights thanks to the MIDA Radar perk, which is extremely useful for situational awareness. High-Caliber Rounds, which was removed from the gun in the first game, has been re-added to it, and the added flinch will keep enemy Guardians from fighting back; however, High-Caliber Rounds was nerfed in an update. Altogether, MIDA Multi-Tool's qualities made it a top-tier, if not controversial weapon in PvP, but nowadays it struggles in the current environment.


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