Her Mercy

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Her Mercy Handcannon
"This Hand Cannon was commissioned for those Wolves who pledged allegiance to the Queen after the Reef War."
— Weapon description

Her Mercy is a Year 1 Legendary Hand Cannon received by opening the chest in the Prison of Elders. This weapon was introduced in House of Wolves.


Rate of Fire 22 / 22 Impact 81 / 81 Range 13 / 49 Stability 13 / 77 Reload 13 / 50 Magazine 8 / 12 Aim assistance 66 / 71 Equip Speed 31 / 81 Light 16 / 16 Recoil direction 88 / 88 Zoom 15 / 15


  • This item can not be infused, as it is a year one weapon.
  • This item can be reforged by the Gunsmith in the Tower.

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