Mitternacht SR3

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Mitternacht SR3
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Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Scout rifle

Min-Max magazine:


Service history
"The polymer-ceramic SR3 is a lightweight weapon built to receive very heavy scopes."
— Weapon Description

The Mitternacht SR3 is a scout rifle in Destiny. It has an attack of 128.[1] The Mitternacht SR3 is a light weight built to receive heavy scopes. The quality level or worth of the weapon is 15. The action name of the Mitterancht SR3 is dismantle. These are the basis status of the Mitternacht SR3 they will change from person to person and other versions of this weapon. The attack of the Mitteracht SR3 is 0, the optics 20, rate of fire 100, Impact o, range 18, stability 25, magazine 42, reload 27, inventory size 39,equip speed 29, aim assistance 59, recoil direction 60.[2]


"Mitternacht" is German for "midnight."

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