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william richardson






December 3rd

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Love to game and gane more knowledge about destiny

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Killing first devil walker buy my self

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Finding a devil walker

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The info itself is fine assuming its valid - the link you've provided is dead. The weapon infobox is the type of thing that info should be conveyed in rather than just listed in the body of text, but the template itself will need new entry fields.


Keep in mind the following:

-Don't break references. If you have new info, source it.

-Keep objectivity - claiming that "x is unstoppable" is not objective. There are far better forms of writing to convey respective info.

-Don't speculate. Trivia can note similarities and such, but that's it.

-Spell properly.

-Don't use "you" in writing, use terms such as "the player" or "one." Second person is very informal language and thus not suitable for wiki editing for the most part.