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When editing talk pages and forum posts, you should sign your edits so the author of a particular comment can be quickly identified. To sign your edit just put ~~~~ after your post. When the page is saved, Destinypedia will convert the ~~~~ to your username and the time and date you posted.

You should not sign your edits on articles as article content represents the contributions of many users.

Customizing your signature[edit]

If you want you can customize your signature by editing your preferences. Visit Special:Preferences, and on the "User Profile" tab enter your custom signature in the "Signature" field. Make sure to check "Raw Signatures." Below is an example of a custom signature:

[[User:YOUR USERNAME|<span style="color:blue">USERNAME</span>]] [[File:IMAGE YOU WANT|14px]] ([[User talk:YOUR USERNAME|<span style="color:blue">"TALK PAGE" OR "COMM" OR SOMETHING ELSE</span>]])

Signature Policy[edit]

Be sure to check the Signature Policy page before customizing your own signature, so you don't create a disrupting signature which may damage surrounding text formatting.

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