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Dominus Ghaul
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"You're not brave. You've merely forgotten the fear of death. Allow me to reacquaint you."
—Dominus Ghaul[1]

Emperor Dominus Ghaul[1] is the military emperor of the Cabal Empire.[2] Ghaul arrived in the solar system following the Skyburners' distress call with the goal of claiming the Traveler and its Light for himself. He successfully led his forces in a surprise attack against the City, having eliminated the Vanguard satellites prior to attacking the Tower and isolating the Traveler within a restraining shield, leaving the Guardians displaced and powerless.[1][3] He also has stationed a massive ship outside of the Sun, which siphons Light from it. He is the main antagonist of Destiny 2. Ghaul is mentored by a Cabal political leader known as The Consul.


"I command legions. Conquered worlds. Waged war across the galaxy to prove my worth. I alone am worthy of the Traveler's Light."
—Dominus Ghaul[4]

From his youth, Ghaul was raised to believe he and the Red Legion should have received the Traveler's power, and that in choosing humanity, it made the wrong choice. At some point, Ghaul rose to become a prominent military leader in the Cabal Empire, eventually rising up to usurp Dominus Calus's throne in a military coup with the aid of The Consul, establishing himself as the newly-enrolled Cabal Emperor.[5] In attacking the City, Ghaul sought to show the Traveler the error of its ways and establish a new order of Guardians from within the ranks of his own species.[1][3][6][7]


"Your journey ends... here."
—Dominus Ghaul[1]

Ghaul is adorned in large white armor with red and gold detailing, and is often seen without a helmet, sporting a metal facemask instead. He may have albinism, given his pale skin and deep red eyes. Ghaul appears to be an adept strategist, choosing to launch his invasion during a severe thunderstorm that concealed his warships from visual detection until it was too late. Ghaul also managed to accomplish, in the span of several hours, what the other races could not do in centuries, to conquer the Last City and scattered the Guardians.[1][3] Thousands of years prior, Ghaul also managed to lead a united military coup against Dominus Calus singlehandedly, demonstrating his adept skills and charisma toward his people. On the battlefield, Ghaul is a ruthless and domineering 8 foot tall warlord, going as far as to conquer an entire civilization at the behest of his people's benefit, demonstrating a cold lack of care and sympathy for other alien races outside of the Cabal, excluding the Psion and War Beast races. Ghaul is also incredibly physically strong for a member of his race, being able to effortlessly send a fully armored Titan flying into the air just by kneeing him. Ghaul is able to throw fully armored Guardians around as if they were mere toys, even putting a lone Titan onto the ground in seconds, a physical testament to his might.


"You are weak. Undisciplined! Cowering behind walls."
—Dominus Ghaul
  • The name "Gary",[3] as Cayde calls him, has quickly evolved to a memetic status amongst the community.
  • Ghaul is the first Cabal character to fluently speak English, and the fourth overall antagonist to do so. How he has learned a human language remains unknown.
  • Luke Smith has compared Ghaul to Hans Gruber from the Die Hard series.[8]
  • Dominus Ghaul is voiced by Neil Kaplan.[9]
  • Ghaul is mentored by a Cabal leader known as The Consul, who guides him on his decisions.
  • Ghaul bears a strong physical resemblance to Darth Malgus from the Knights of The Old Republic series. He also bears resemblance to a Grunt from Halo.


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