Gun'nar, Privateer

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Gun'nar, Privateer
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Expedition: Europa


SolarS.png Power Slug Thrower
ArcS.png Cabal Cluster Missiles


Blinding Effect
Slowness Debuff
High Durability
Limited Flight
KineticS.png Quake


Gun'nar, Privateer was a large Cabal Colossus and the leader of a gang of Fallen and Cabal pirates, who scoured the icy wastes of Europa in search of buried riches and treasure. They served as the final boss of the Expedition: Europa activity.[1]


Gun'nar appears at the Asterion Abyss at the end of Expedition: Europa. Once you have loaded the Haul with treasure from all across the area and guided it to its final destination, multiple Cabal and Fallen enemies will begin being deployed via Drop Pods and Skiffs respectively. These enemies begin assaulting your position—seeking to plunder the valuables you have collected—before their leader arrives on the battlefield to join their forces.

Gun'nar will continuously fire at their targets with their Power Slug Thrower, which will quickly kill you if you do not find cover from the spray of bullets. Like other Colossi, they also possess a rocket pack that can launch swarms of cluster missiles to slow players down. If someone gets too close, the boss can send them flying back with a highly powerful stomp attack, inflicting heavy damage to those hit by it. However, Gun'nar is lacking in terms of defensive options and can be eliminated easily enough, especially when their crewmates are no longer alive to back them up. Once the Privateer and their allies have been taken care of, the activity will be complete, allowing players to open the end-of-mission chest and claim their rewards.





  • Gun'nar's name is an obvious play on the word "gunner," a sailor who is responsible for the weapons, gun crews, and ordnance of their ship.

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