Captain Avarokk, the Covetous

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Captain Avarokk, the Covetous
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Grasp of Avarice


SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher
ArcS.png Web Mines


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
Resist Temptation


Captain Avarokk, the Covetous is a powerful Fallen Captain and the leader of a band of rogue Eliksni obsessed with collecting riches from across the Sol system, primarily the hordes of Engrams from Wilhelm-7.[1]


Not much is known of Avarokk, simply that he and his crew had tricked Wilhelm-7 and his Ghost, Bismarck, into going to the caves beneath the Cosmodrome's Skywatch, along with his Fireteam members, Pershing and Agadir. After he went mad and his teammates and Ghost had all met a grisly end, the Fallen tracked Wilhelm down and murdered him, after which they holed themselves up in his treasure hoard. Avarokk was killed when the hoard was raided by other Guardians some time later.


Approaching the Cursed Engram in the center of the Sunken Lair will trigger the encounter, and Avarokk will emerge, as well as fallen reinforcements throughout the arena. Avarokk will remain near the Icon of Avarice for most of the fight, alongside Grisprax, Bosun of Avarokk and R-M80, Loyal to Avarokk. Avarokk is resistant to all forms of damage and is capable of throwing Web Mines at long distances. In order to damage him, players must first kill the Scorch Vandals that spawn to take their Scorch Cannons, which are used to power up the reactors on both sides of the arena by shooting them, either repeatedly, or with a charged projectile. This will cause large amounts of Cursed Engrams to pour out from the walls, which will give the "Burdened by Riches" debuff, which can stack multiple times, to anyone who picks them up. This debuff will kill the player if the thirty-second timer on it runs out, although it can be reset by picking up more Engrams. Players must deposit a large number of debuffs in the Icon of Avarice in the center of the arena. Once the sixty Cursed Engrams have been deposited, Avarokk will teleport away from the Icon of Avarice and lose immunity, allowing him to be damaged for twenty seconds. Once the damage phase ends, Avarokk returns to guarding the Icon of Avarice and regains immunity as the text "Captain Avarokk, the Covetous resists temptation once more". Grisprax and R-M80 will also respawn after the damage phase if they were previously killed, with the message "Avarokk the Covetous summons his crew".





  • Avarokk's cloak bears the same symbol, albeit a different color, that appears on that of Taniks, the Scarred, which also appears in concept art for Destiny, as well as on a building in the Archer's Line on the Moon during Destiny 1.
    • It is believed that said symbol was the banner of the extinct Fallen House of Scar. Whether or not Avarokk was a member is unknown.
  • All four of Avarokk's arms appear to be artificial, another similarity he shares with Taniks.
    • Although in the promotional image of Avarokk roaring at the camera (shown above), the angle makes it appear that his Molten Welder is actually fused with his lower right arm, this is in fact not the case, and it's merely in an odd position in the image.
  • Avarokk's helmet bears a striking resemblance to Skolas's.
  • Avarokk is confirmed to be male due to an in-game message saying "Avarokk the Covetous summons his crew" when Grisprax and R-M80 respawn.

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