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Pershing was a Titan Guardian who was in an ill-fated fireteam with Wilhelm-7 and Agadir.


While on patrol in the Cosmodrome, Pershing and his fireteam chased a Fallen Vandal into the fabled loot cave, going deeper within than any other Guardian before. They pressed on in the hopes of finding the source of all the loot that had been gathered from the cave.[1] On the fourth day of their expedition they had yet to find any treasure. Pershing and Agadir were approached by Wilhelm-7's Ghost Bismarck while the Exo was supposedly sleeping. The Ghost confided in them that he believed his Guardian was lost and proposed they turn back.[2]

Despite Bismarck's warning, the three Guardians pressed on and did begin to discover a massive hoard of loot that filled numerous caverns beneath the Cosmodrome. By day ten inside the cave, the mental state of the fireteam began to deteriorate as they argued over who would get what Engrams and loot as part of their cut. During a dispute over a mid-tier Pulse Rifle that Pershing already owned, the Titan shot Agadir dead. The Hunter's Ghost manifested and shouted at Pershing but was nearly shot as well before Wilhelm intervened.[3] Four days later Pershing's own Ghost was murdered by Agadir when he unexpectedly attacked them with his Golden Gun. In desperation Pershing attempted to put up a barrier to defend himself but without his Ghost had no connection to the Light to do so and was easily cut down. Wilhelm looted his corpse of his gear afterwards.[4]

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