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"You — you're here to take... to take what's mine! DON'T YOU TOUCH NOTHIN'! IT'S ALL MINE —"
— Last recorded words of Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7 was an Exo Guardian and Titan, who journeyed with his Fireteam (Agadir and Pershing) into the loot cave in the Cosmodrome and discovered a hoard of Engrams and Glimmer. However, the greed and loot consumed him and his team, causing them to turn against and kill each other. He left a trail of recorded messages in bottles along their path, recounting the events as they transpired.


Wilhelm and his Ghost, Bismarck, came to the Cosmodrome to hunt for loot, along with the Titan, Pershing; and the Hunter, Agadir. While they were searching in the Skywatch, they chased after a certain Vandal who led them into the loot cave beneath the area. Although Wilhelm did not tell his teammates that were really lost, Bismarck was becoming suspicious of him. Despite this, the Exo was confident that there was loot down there, and was still determined to find it.[1] After four days of searching, Wilhelm was becoming frustrated that they had only managed to find Fallen and Hive down there, as well as their low-tier drops such as Mos Ultimas and Scavenger Suits, instead of Exotics. While they thought he was sleeping, he overheard Bismarck telling his teammates that he thought they should turn back.[2]

By the end of day six, the fireteam finally stumbled upon a chamber full of Glimmer and high-level Engrams, much to their excitement. They decided they would keep going further to see if they could find any more. Despite Wilhelm thinking that splitting the treasure would be easy enough,[3] he was proven wrong when Pershing ended up shooting Agadir over a Pulse Rifle he already owned, and almost killed his Ghost before the Exo intervened, realizing no one wanted to part with any of their spoils.[4] By the fourteenth day, the situation had devolved even further after Agadir shot and killed the Titan's Ghost with his Golden Gun without warning. Pershing tried to summon a Barricade, but could do nothing without his Light and obliterated by his teammate. Wilhelm was not particularly bothered by his death, however, happier that he could help himself to the dead Guardian's gear. Despite Bismarck's protests, the Exo refused to turn back, not wanting to leave any loot for the Cryptarchs to get their hands on.[5]

Not long after this, Wilhelm murdered Agadir's Ghost and forced him to haul his excess loot around on a sled he made out of armor from dead Fallen. As the pair went further, the haul was fit to burst and the Lightless Hunter was too exhausted to continue.[6] By the twenty second day, Wilhelm had caught his former teammate trying to steal some of his treasure, and pushed him down a thirty meter drop into a sinkhole as payback, dropping a grenade down with him. With Agadir dead, Bismarck warned his partner of the curse and that the place was driving him mad, but the Exo was convinced that he just wanted to bring the Cryptarchs there.[7] His Ghost refused to come out after that. With no one else to drag his sled, Wilhelm was forced to toe it along himself. After an engram fell from his haul, he chased after it through a crack in the floor, only to end up in another cave filled with even more treasure than the first one. Filled with glee and succumbing more to the curse, the unhinged Exo started calling after his long-dead teammate, Pershing, saying that he had found a god roll Shotgun he had wanted, to no reply.[8]

By day thirty eight of his journey, the Hunter had shot himself in the leg to lure out Bismarck. When he appeared to see what was going on, Wilhelm shot and killed his partner right away. However, he did not think to let the Ghost heal his bullet wound beforehand, but continued on regardless.[9] After two more days of travelling, the mad Exo had lost a lot of blood, but he was too far gone to stop, hungry for more loot. Wilhelm's greed and madness kept him going, despite losing track of how long he had been down there, and the fact the his leg wound had him in agony.[10] Although this did not concern him, as he had stumbled upon a massive treasure hoard inside the wreckage of an old Colony ship, and its riches were his to claim.[11] This victory would be short-lived, however, as a crew of greedy Fallen pirates, led by Captain Avarokk, the Covetous, had also managed to find him and the hoard. In his final moments, Wilhelm screamed out at them not to take his loot, but was finished off by the scavengers.[12] The Exo's corpse was buried with his loot in a pod at the center of the ship.[13]

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