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Discovered the treasures buried under the loot cave

It's the end of Day 6 and... we did it! We found the source of the loot!

Wilhelm-7 was an Exo Hunter who alongside his fireteam members, Pershing and Agadir, journeyed into the wreckage of a colony ship and discovered a horde of loot such as Engrams and Glimmer. However, the greed and loot consumed him and his team, causing them to turn against and kill each other. Later, Wilhelm was killed by Captain Avarokk, the Covetous and his crew. He was placed inside a pod alongside his riches.


Wilhelm 7 and his fireteam came to the Cosmodrome to hunt for loot. While they were searching, a Vandal led them into a loot cave. They descended down into it, thinking about all the loot they could find. Here, Wilhelm placed a Message in A Bottle, explaining how the Vandal lead them into the Cave. The next morning, they continued through the cave system and still found nothing. Here, Wilhelm placed another message about how the Fallen and Hive were giving him Mos Ultimas and Scavenger Suits.

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