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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Crypto-Archaeologists decode the past and our enemies, seeking new discoveries in matter Engrams and artifacts returned by Guardians.

The Cryptarchs (abbreviated from Crypto-Archaeologists) are individuals who study the properties of encoded matter, commonly known as Engrams, as well as other Golden Age artifacts. Cryptarchs can unlock the patterns stored within Engrams, allowing for the item encoded within the pattern to be spontaneously created in a process known as "decoding".

Over time, the science of Crypto-Archeology has divided into two rival philosophies. The Tower Cryptarchy, representing the Last City, offers its services to Guardians freely, taking satisfaction in aiding humanity's effort to reclaim its lost glory and gaining valuable insight into the mysteries of the Golden Age at the same time.[1] The Reef Cryptarchy, representing the Reef and operating out of numerous libraries such as in 10 Hygiea, reveres the Engram as the purest state of matter and sees encrypting and safeguarding civilization's informational infrastructure as its prime responsibility. While the Reef's Cryptarchs will still decode Engrams for Guardians, they do so grudgingly, and more to further the science than for the Guardians' express benefit.[2]


Every Engram decoded by a Cryptarch increases a Guardian's Crypto-Archeology Reputation. After reaching Rank 3, the Cryptarch will start rewarding players with Engram packages with each new level. These packages normally contain rare Engrams, but have a chance of producing Legendary Engrams.

In addition to decoding and selling Engrams, the Cryptarchs will also buy any Axiomatic Beads, House Banners, Network Keys, and/or Silken Codex that the player is carrying for 200 Glimmer each. The Reef Cryptarchy will also buy Royal Amethyst, available as a reward for the House of Wolves story missions. Smaller gems are worth 2500 glimmer, while larger gems are worth 5000 glimmer.

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