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Reputation is a stat used among different NPCs. Increasing one's Reputation with said NPCs will increase a player's access to their wares or services. [1]

Characters with Reputation[edit]


Having Master Rahool decode Engrams will gain you skill points, which will increase his rank. At each new rank, the player is rewarded with a random Engram package, which can include any amount of Engrams from one Rare (blue) Engram to two Legendary (purple) Engrams.


Completing missions for the Vanguard while on Patrol, playing in the Strike playlist, or completing Vanguard Bounties, will earn Vanguard Reputation by default.


Playing matches and completing Bounties for the Crucible will earn Crucible Reputation by default.


In order to earn Reputation with a Faction, firstly, a character needs to be Level 20. Reputation for a particular Faction is earned by pledging oneself to that Faction. This costs twenty-five hundred (2500) Glimmer and can only be done once per week. Reputation is still earned for the Vanguard and Crucible normally, in addition to Faction Reputation. Besides personal preference, different factions offer different bonuses for their gear;

  • Crucible Gear offers bonuses for Strength for all sets. Half also give Intellect bonuses, while the other half gives Discipline bonuses.
  • Dead Orbit Gear offers bonuses for Discipline and Strength.
  • Future War Cult Gear offers bonuses for Intellect and Discipline.
  • New Monarchy Gear offers bonuses for Intellect and Strength.
  • Vanguard Gear offers bonuses for Discipline for all sets. Half also give Intellect bonuses, while the other half gives Strength bonuses.[2]

Queen's Wrath[edit]

In some respects, the Queen's Wrath is a lot like other Factions in terms of Reputation, but comes with its own set of Bounties. Completing Bounties, House of Wolves Story missions, or finding Wolf Packs in the wild, earns Reputation. Each new Reputation Rank after Rank Three rewards one of the Queen's Guard weapons.

House of Judgment[edit]

Reputation is gained with Variks, the Loyal by completing Prison of Elders matches and quests related to the Awoken's conflict with the Fallen House of Wolves. After reaching rank two, Variks offers a free reward package each week that contains some materials and consumables.

Iron Banner[edit]

The Iron Banner has its own Reputation and Bounties, tracked by Efrideet; however, the Iron Banner is only ever available one week at a time, and progress is reset for every new tournament. Beginning on the second day of the event, players automatically gain buff for Reputation earned that increases each day. Equipping an Iron Banner class item, emblem, and shader add stacking buffs to Reputation gains.

Crota's Bane[edit]

Eris Morn has her own Reputation and Bounties unique to The Dark Below. She sells Emblems, Shaders, class items, and a few miscellaneous upgrade materials.


Banshee-44 will offer players to field-test certain weapons; these act as the Gunsmith's Bounties. After reaching Rank One, Banshee-44 will offer Armsday orders for purchase. At Ranks Two, Three, and Five, he offers quests to earn exclusive weapons.

SRL Event Standing[edit]

SRL Event Standing is tracked by Amanda Holliday for the duration of the Sparrow Racing League event. Reputation is earned by completing races and SRL bounties. Placing higher in a race rewards additional Reputation, and all gains can be boosted by equipping an SRL class item.

2016 Rank Packages[edit]

  • SRL Rank 3—Class specific racing helmet from the Speeder racing armor set
    • Warlock: Threader Helmet
    • Hunter: Overtaker Helmet
    • Titan: Finisher Helmet
  • SRL Rank 5—Treasures of the Dawning

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