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Former Iron Banner handler
One of the last members of the Iron Lords


"No statue for me, I see?"
"The statues are for the dead, and I always hoped you weren't among them.
— Lady Efrideet and Lord Saladin [1]

Lady Efrideet is a female Hunter, and the youngest of the Iron Lords. Unlike the rest of her compatriots, she did not participate in the Battle of Site-6 and was thus spared from the near total destruction of the order. Efrideet left Earth and joined a group of Lightbearers at an undisclosed location to explore new ways to use the Light without violence. She briefly returned to Earth and assumed Lord Saladin Forge's responsibility of serving as the handler of the Iron Banner until the Red War. After assisting in the liberation of the The Last City, Efrideet once more departed Earth and rejoined her secret group.


Lady of Iron[edit]

Joining the Iron Lords[edit]

"I heard you're trying to put an end to the fighting. They say you're recruiting people with the gift."
— Efrideet to Saladin, seeking to join the Iron Lords

Upon hearing that Saladin Forge and several other Lightbearers were banding together in a new organization dedicated to stopping the fighting between Risen Warlords, Efrideet sought out Saladin to request permission to join them. She found him atop a cliff near the small village of Patch Run and assisted him in dispatching a group of Fallen, but the two ran out of ammunition during the fight. As she attempted to talk to him about joining the Iron Lords, he rebuffed her questions and requested she leave, not entirely trusting her and claiming he sought those who could do more than just shoot. Efrideet believed that nobody was a better shot than her, and in response, Saladin pointed at the village below and explained how he came every week to defend it from a nearby Fallen House, but that the Fallen kept returning. Before she could reply, two Fallen Skiffs appeared and deployed a Walker to assault the Patch Run. Efrideet questioned if he had any ammo remaining, but Saladin stated he had only the Light but the Fallen were out of range and they would have to climb down. She countered there was no time for that and instead offered to throw him at the Walker, causing Saladin to laugh until he realized she was serious and declaring there was no dignity to that. Efrideet noted there was no dignity in letting the entire village die either.[2] which convinced Saladin to allow her to throw him. Both Lightbearers began channeling Arc energy, and as Saladin warned her not to miss she grabbed him by the collar of his armor and hoisted him over her head and their Arc energies combined into a swirling storm. Efrideet then threw Saladin like a javelin towards the advancing Walker.[3]

The Walker was annihilated in the Arc blast, but a few Fallen survived and continued to advance on Patch Run. Efrideet quickly hurried down the mountain and intercepted them before they reached the village. She then searched the crater where Saladin had created for his body and returned his Ghost to him so he could be resurrected. As he sat up, Efrideet began mocking him for warning her not to miss, asking if he had ever known her to not hit a target. She told him about finishing off the Fallen stragglers, and in response, Saladin admitted that the Iron Lords might need someone of her skill and morals to join them. Efrideet suggested she may have changed her mind and asked if she could throw him again. He told her no, so she refused to join, causing Saladin to concede that they may run out of ammo again. She was told to meet him and the others at Dwindler's Ridge and she questioned how many of them there were, which made Saladin smirk and remark "a few".[4]

The Warlord Conflict[edit]

"Risen and non-Risen have lived in their separate corners for too long. We're all people. That's all the Iron Lords are trying to say. We should live together. There are things we can teach each other."
— Efrideet convincing a village to join the Last City

Having joined the Iron Lords, Efrideet participated in their campaign against the Warlords. As they defeated the Warlords and liberated humanity's survivors from their rule, they assisted a growing City underneath the Traveler. The Iron Lords were soon approached by the Warlord Felwinter, who wished to join their ranks and offered his keep at the top Felwinter Peak in the Old Russian Cosmodrome to serve as their headquarters. Efrideet was impressed upon meeting the Warlord, joking that they had the grim formidable look of the Iron Lords, but as she walked behind him she saw he had a damaged and distressed Ghost embedded into the back of his helmet. She ordered him to turn around and show the rest of the gathered Iron Lords, shocking them, and Efrideet walked back to her comrades and informed him that he would not be allowed to continue using the Ghost in such a manner and would need to put it out of its misery. Felwinter explained it was a Warlord's Ghost and had proven useful, but Efrideet was backed up by Saladin. While Felwinter agreed to abide by their demand, he never removed it.[5]

At some point during Warlord Conflict, Efrideet and Saladin encountered an Ahamkara. Her friend wished to fight an actual dragon, transforming the wish-granting creature into a fearsome flying beast that breathed fire. As they fought the beast, Efrideet kept her distance by shooting it with a rifle while Saladin charged it with an Iron Battle Axe, and she questioned if he did not want to use another weapon. As she dodged a burst of flame her cloak caught fire, and as Efrideet quickly took it off she yelled as Saladin to explain why he had wished to fight a dragon of all things. The other Iron Lord declared that they were knights and asked if she did not want to be a dragon slayer before charging the beast once more.[6]

Efrideet was contacted by Wu Ming, the owner of a bar at the base of Felwinter Peak called the End of the World, who requested she bring Felwinter to the bar to hear a business proposition. She sent back a message that Felwinter only responded to official Iron Lord business, but went herself to hear Wu Ming's proposition.[7] When she arrived, Efrideet discovered Warlord Citan and two other Risen attempting to rob the bar and threatening Wu Ming. She demanded that the Warlord pick on someone his size, although the Warlord was twice her size.[8] As the three Warlords surrounded her, Efrideet declared that both Felwinter Peak and the End of the World were Iron Lord territory, but Citan threatened that he had an army and a fireteam of Risen prepared to take it from them and that Felwinter would pay for joining them. Efrideet dropped to one knee as the Warlord behind her tried to shoot her in the head, causing them to miss and instead hit Citan in the chest. She quickly shot that Risen in the head without looking and then dodged as the third opened fire, but quickly ended his threat by throwing a Solar knife into their head. As the Warlord's Ghosts materialized to resurrect their Guardians, Efrideet aimed her hand cannon at them and demanded that they leave without their Guardians, who would be returned to them if they followed the Iron Decree. As the Ghosts fled, she told them to tell the other Warlords to stay away from Felwinter Peak.[7]

As the patrons returned to their drinks, Efrideet asked Wu Ming if that was why he had asked her to meet him, and he confirmed her theory and offered a large payment of Glimmer for her aid. Astonished by how much currency the bar owner had and wondering where he got it, Wu Ming noted that if she stuck with him she would get rich, but asked where Felwinter was. Suspicious, she reminded Wu Ming that Felwinter never left the peak unless for Iron Lord duties and questioned why he wanted him. Wu Ming quickly changed the topic and asked what she was doing later, and as she quickly grabbed and downed a drink from behind the bar Efrideet revealed that the Iron Lords were going to assault a group of Fallen causing trouble at Boyle Pass, sarcastically asking if he wished to join. The bartender refused but asked if she wished to dance before leaving, which she refused. However, he asked her to repeat what she thought he said. When Efrideet did, he stated that he would love to dance with her. Amused, Efrideet dodged and tripped him as he approached before departing.[7]

Efrideet travelled to a village that had been liberated from Warlord Cathal a year before asking them to join the city. She meet with four representatives from the village, including the last known Speaker, and told them that they would be provided with an armed escort to the City if they decided to join. The village mayor was concerned that the remaining Warlords would view the City as a target if everyone gathered there, but Efrideet dismissed her concern and reassured them all that the days of the Warlords were numbered. The Speaker questioned how the City would be governed, and she told him that would be up to those who lived there and that the Iron Lords would merely protect the walls. As she spoke, Efrideet tried to hide how much she wanted them to join and stated that the City was a collaborative venture between the Risen and non-Risen which she hoped would teach each group more about the other and how they could all survive together. This convinced the village leaders to join the Last City, and marked the beginning of Efrideet's friendship with the Speaker.[9]

Confronting Warlord Shaxx[edit]

"No one's beat Shaxx in a fight. Iron Lords or Warlords. Much less take territory from him."
— Efrideet, during a strategy meeting about Warlord Shaxx

After decades of conflict, Efrideet joined Saladin Forge and Felwinter within a Warlock meditation chamber within Felwinter Peak to plan how to deal with the legendary Warlord Shaxx's mountain fortress. Felwinter announced that Shaxx had accepted his challenge to one-on-one combat, but Efrideet was skeptical of his plan due as no Iron Lord or Warlord had ever bested the Titan. Felwinter countered that Ikora Rey had and that he could too before questioning if either had a better idea. Saladin conceded that Lord Radegast was planning a head-on assault, shocking Efrideet due to the nearly hundred civilians living in the fortress who could be caught in the crossfire. She refused to believe that their commander truly intended to go through with the assault, but Saladin noted that Radegast was tired of fighting, but Efrideet did not believe that was a good excuse.[10]

The trio travelled to Shaxx's fortress, discovering his people were seemingly well-fed and had winter clothing. They found the Warlord making repairs to his fortress to weatherproof it for the coming change in weather. Felwinter attempted to convince Shaxx to join, but the Warlord questioned if he had given Citan the same speech before killing him. Efrideet carefully kept her face neutral and ignored Saladin looking at her in shock, keeping ready to draw her hand cannon in case things turned violent. Failing to persuade Shaxx to join the Iron Lords or the growing Last City, they proceeded outside where Efrideet and Saladin watched as Shaxx defeated Felwinter in seconds. Conferring in the aftermath of the duel, Felwinter declared he would stay and continue challenging Shaxx. Efrideet noted that the local Warlords would respect that, although they were all needed to join a concentrated strike against the House of Devils in the Cosmodrome. She was also concerned that Shaxx would target Felwinter's Ghost, Felspring, as he had multiple confirmed kills of other Warlords, but Felwinter did not believe that Shaxx would attempt to truly kill him. Saladin agreed with the plan but declared that he expected that all Felwinter would do is buy them time to deal with the Fallen and then return in force. As she and Saladin left their comrade to his work, Efrideet expressed surprise that Saladin did not know that Felwinter was an oathbreaker and that was why Radegast hated him. Saladin admitted he did not and questioned why Felwinter was still tolerated. She informed him that Felwinter had provided evidence that all the Warlords he murdered had killed Ghosts, civilians, and other crimes that broke the Iron Decree but had never requested permission for any of his executions. Efrideet then hoped that they had another plan other than assaulting the mountain once the Devil uprising had been put down, but Saladin stated that Shaxx was forcing their hand and that they could not risk other Warlords who would be less careful attack first.[10]

Several weeks later Efrideet and Saladin led an army of Iron Lords to Shaxx's mountain stronghold, having put down the Devil activity in the Cosmodrome. They found a dozen minor local Warlords had arrived to side with Shaxx against the Iron Lords, but as the two sides entered a tense standoff Shaxx dismissed his reinforcements, having agreed to allow his people to be evacuated but still refusing to join the Iron Lords. Efrideet questioned who had won their duels, and Felwinter freely admitted that Shaxx had as the two then began making preparations for the evacuation. After returning to Felwinter Peak, Efrideet listened as Felwinter revealed his true reason for wanting to secure Shaxx's stronghold: a Seraph Bunker beneath the fortress that contained clues to where the Warmind Rasputin was hiding valuable Golden Age technology.[10]

Departure from Earth[edit]

"Hundreds of years of pointing and shooting, Speaker... I don't know what it is yet, but I want to find a different way."
— Efrideet, explaining to the Speaker her decision to leave the Last City

Despite the Iron Lord's successes and the growth of the Last City, Efrideet grew weary of fighting and the constant violence the life of a Guardian entailed. In the wake of the Six Fronts and the chaos of the Faction Wars, Efrideet visited the Speaker in his city apartment following his ascension to leadership of the Consensus. As they stood on his balcony, she revealed to him that she wished to leave Earth and that he could not change her mind. However, she did wish to discuss a previous conversation they had about the Speaker's search for a potential successor. The Speaker noted that he had still not found them, but suspected one existed, and Efrideet volunteered to look for them during her journeys. He questioned if that mission was why she wished to leave the City, reminding her that she had been the one to bring him there, but Efrideet noted that while she was glad to have done that she could no longer continue fighting and wished to find a new way forward. Her friend reassured her that was a noble cause, and Efrideet stated that maybe she would come back with a little Speaker, leaving unsaid that she might never come back at all.[11]

Efrideet's departure spared her from participating in the Battle of Site-6, where all her fellow Iron Lords save Saladin perished at the hands of SIVA under the control of the Warmind Rasputin, who sought to reclaim and destroy his resurrected son Felwinter. Their demise and Efrideet's disappearance caused many in the Last City to assume she had perished as well. Instead, she ventured out into the Solar System and joined a secret community of other Lightbearers who embraced pacifism.[12]

Return to Felwinter Peak[edit]

Centuries later, with the onset of the SIVA Crisis, Efrideet returned to the Iron Temple to assist Saladin and fulfill her responsibility to the Iron Banner.[13]

The Red War[edit]

"I can't wait to see it. I'm coming home. Efrideet out."
— Efrideet to her comrade at the end of the Red War

After the Red Legion captured the Last City and imprisoned the Traveler, Efrideet and the other Guardians were stripped of their Light. Her enclave cut off communication during the crisis, so Efrideet joined the resistance against the Red Legion in the guise of a refugee and participated in the assault to reclaim the Last City and kill Ghaul. Taking a position on a rooftop with her sniper rifle, she killed 216 Cabal with 199 shots. During the battle, the Traveler awoke to destroy Ghaul and freed itself. With the Light returned to her, Efrideet began to cry with joy at the sight of the Traveler awakened. Her enclave then contacted her, as they felt the return of the Light as well. They informed her that the whole cosmos was now ablaze with Light, and Efrideet responded to them she would be coming home.[14]

A New Golden Age[edit]

Efrideet's departure prompted Lord Saladin Forge to take over her Iron Banner responsibilities.[15]

During the first Dawning following the liberation of the Last City, Efrideet contacted Tyra Karn. They wished each other a happy Dawning, and Efrideet offered an ornament for Tyra's ship as a Dawning gift but was told to give it to the ship's current owner, as Tyra no longer wished to travel the stars. She then listened to her old friend's concerns about the Guardians being blinded by the awakening of the Traveler and forgetting the lessons they learned from the loss of their Light.[16]

Personality and traits[edit]

"A thought, if I may? The Iron Lords thought we could use our strength to bring peace. Saladin still believes this. But perhaps, a peace born from violence is no peace at all."
— Efrideet, offering advice to the Young Wolf

Much more friendly, open and humorous than her more serious old friend, Saladin Forge, Efrideet is nonetheless a proud member of the Iron Lords and is dedicated to preserving their legacy. However, since the Battle at Site 6 that nearly destroyed the old order, Efrideet pursued her own path in finding ways to use the Light non-violently, showing a commitment to pacifism. Despite this, Efrideet did understand that the Devil Splicers had to be fought, knowing the threat they posed to the Last City.


  • "Yes, I remember how to be an Iron Lord, Saladin. It's only been a few hundred years."
  • "It is an honor to serve with you, Lord Guardian."
  • "Light and peace, Lord Guardian."
  • "Look to the future, Lord Guardian."
  • "Greetings, Lord Guardian."
  • "Well met, brave Titan."
  • "Well met, wise Warlock."
  • "Well met, keen Hunter."
  • "Greetings, heir of Radegast."
  • "Greetings, heir of Perun."
  • "Greetings, heir of Skorri."
  • "Jolder would have liked you, Titan. She loved nothing more than a good fight."
  • "Strength in the Light. That is what matters in the Iron Banner."
  • "The way forward is through the Iron Banner, but that may not always be true."
  • "[Sigh] They are at peace. Now I can be as well."
  • "This Iron Temple once rang with laughter... and Skorri's songs."
  • "Oh, Radegast. I... am so proud of you. I hope you're proud of me, too."
  • "The Iron Banner is necessary. For now."
  • "Welcome to the Iron Banner."
  • "They'd be pleased to know they have inspired a new generation of Iron Lords, especially Silimar."
  • "The Iron Lords fought for peace. But maybe fighting is not the only way to achieve it."
  • "I will miss you all every day, but I will no longer grieve."
  • "I'm glad I was here when the vault was opened—that I got to say goodbye."
  • "Jolder wouldn't regret her death. She'd tell me not to regret my life."
  • "Jolder would have been able to find the beauty in it. She always could."
  • "The Traveler's gifts extend far beyond just weapons."
  • "Serving the Iron Banner again will be good for me."
  • "If I had stayed, would it have been different? At least Saladin wouldn't have been so alone."
  • "Saladin hasn't asked me where I was all those years."
  • "Saladin was right. We needed to see this through."
  • "[Mocking deep voice] Yes, I remember how to be an Iron Lord, Saladin... [Normal voice] It's only been a few hundred years."
  • "Has Saladin ever mentioned the time I threw him into a Fallen Walker? No, he wouldn't. There's no dignity in that."
  • "It may be hard to tell with him, but Saladin is very proud of you. The sorrow will always be there, but now he has joy again, too."
  • "I do not know if Saladin will ever forgive me. But I hope he is able to forgive himself."
  • "We Iron Lords, we thought ourselves queens and kings of a bright new age."
  • "Yes, that is what Perun would do. But is it what I should do?"
  • "With the Iron's Bane stopped, the best way to honor my friends is to look to the future."
  • "[Laughter] If Gheleon could have seen that..."
  • "Some advice Guardian: treasure your Ghost. I'm only alive today because my Ghost never gave up on me, and there were times she had reason to."
  • "Let their sacrifice be a testament to the Iron Banner's strength."
  • "In the Iron Banner, your Light is your greatest weapon."
  • "There are some wounds that Light cannot heal, but that is alright. I will wear these scars with pride."
  • "I am glad I was here when the vault was opened. When I got to say goodbye."
  • "Oh, for a moment I thought you were Perun. You have the same eyes as her, the same fire."
  • "Those you fought... They were not my friends. Not anymore."
  • "Already you are preparing for another battle, I can tell. Is it the Devil Splicers again? Perhaps the Iron Banner can help you prepare."
  • "This will not be the end of SIVA. Where else in the system might the Iron's Bane spread?"
  • "The Fallen searched for gods in machines and found SIVA. They should have looked elsewhere"
  • "SIVA is still a threat, a curse waiting to strike."
  • "I pity the Devil Splicers. They found great power and could imagine no better use for it than warfare."
  • "The battle against the Devil Splicers is won. But the City's war may never truly be over."
  • "The best part of a long life: you'll learn a lot about yourself. The worst part? You'll learn a lot about yourself."
  • "Light is far more than a weapon. I learned that the hard way."
  • "If there is a chance to end SIVA for good, you must seize it."
  • "Thank you for keeping SIVA out of Fallen hands."
  • "The Splicers' false god was no match for your Light."
  • "You know, I wasn't alone out in the black. I found other Guardians like myself. [incomplete]"
  • "Strange to think at one point even we were looked at as false gods. Perhaps there is hope for the Fallen yet."
  • "The snow will melt, I can feel the sun on my face. I'm glad I came back."
  • "This chapter draws to a close, but soon another will begin."
  • "The burden never grows lighter, but you will grow stronger."
  • "Take your time, listen to your Light."
  • "In the name of the Iron Banner..."
  • "Your diligence has brought peace...however long it lasts."
  • "Fighting the Devil Splicers was necessary. You did well."
  • "I am here."
  • "What do you seek?"
  • "If you must fight, fight with honor."
  • "Be safe."
  • "Light and peace go with you."
  • "It was an honor."
  • "Until we meet again."
  • "So be it."
  • "Take care of yourself."
  • "Farewells are a necessary part of life."


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