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"I will fight to stop the fighting. If that means I must die, then I choose death."
—Lord Colovance[1]
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Student of Lord Timur


Lord Colovance was a Warlock and a member of the Iron Wolves, a team of Guardians that operated under the banner of the Iron Lords. When not in battle alongside his comrades, Colovance studied under Lord Timur, aiding him in his hunt for SIVA.


"What does one do when one’s master has gone mad? I admired the man for so long, poured years of study into his leads, but now, he has grown incapable of focus."
—The Journal of Lord Colovance[2]

Colovance was one of the many Guardians who joined the cause of the Iron Lords. He dedicated himself to fighting the Warlords who had taken control of the Earth. Of the Iron Lords, Colovance specifically admired Timur, deciding to become his student and aid him in all of his research. Eventually, the Lords succeeded in their mission and began searching for a way to restore civilization. Timur learned of the existence of SIVA, and poured his time into locating it. While he helped Timur research leads to SIVA, Colovance was not always helping the faction chase down leads. Occasionally he would stay behind to watch over the early City.

Colovance was one of, if not the first, to notice Timur's desccent into madness. While he did worry, there is no evidence he did anything to help pull his master out that dive. However, the search for SIVA bore fruit when Timur located it in the Cosmodrome.

Colovance was one of the many Iron Lords who went into the area that would eventually be named the Plaguelands. When they went in, Rasputin was awakened by the intrusion and used airstrikes, a Frame army, and SIVA constructs to defy them. Colovance was cornered at the wrecked oil tanker that would be named Giant's Husk. Faced with hundreds of Frames, he exhausted all his ammo and used the Light to keep fighting after that, but he was eventually overrun by the Frames and killed by SIVA.



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