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Architect of the Iron Temple atop Felwinter Peak.


"Eleven times they've destroyed what you've built. Why rebuild what will be knocked down?"
"Because one time they won't be able to, and when that day comes, when this perfect, indefensible structure stays standing, then we'll know."
"We'll know what?"
"Then we'll know it's safe to build our city to the sky.
— Lords Saladin and Silimar

Silimar was a Titan, one of the Iron Lords, and architect of the Iron Temple atop Felwinter Peak. A talented architect of unbreakable stubbornness, he was always looking for ways to offer better protection.[2]


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"Only a fool would raise the same structure again and again."
"These stones are like us. Don't you see? They knock us down, you and me. But time and again, we rise. Like this place.
— Lord Saladin and Lord Silimar

Silimar was part of the original generation of the Iron Lords. Along side his companions, he traveled around the world, defeating those Guardians who used their abilities to subjugate rather than protect. Silimar was known among his peers for being stubbornly devoted to defending the structures he creates from enemy attacks, regardless of whether it is defensible or not. During a particular Fallen siege, Silimar defended the same structure even after it was felled. He rebuilt it and defended it until it was knocked down again, repeating the cycle several times. When asked by Saladin why he kept rebuilding it, Silimar said that he was trying repeatedly until it could not be knocked down, with the hopes that the Iron Lords could build the city of their dreams on that spot.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

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