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"I will not let you down. This is what I was reborn to do."
—Lady Bretomart[1]

Lady Bretomart was a Titan and a member of the Iron Wolves. Handpicked by Jolder to be an Iron Lord, Bretomart dutifully strove to live up to that honor.


When the Iron Lords was in its infancy stages, Radegast asked his first three allies to gather trusted Guardians to fight for the future of humanity. Jolder's first choice was Bretomart. While little is known about Bretomart, she did dutifully accept the title of Iron Lord. Eventually, she made friends among the Lords, and those friends became the Iron Wolves.

After the Warlords of the Earth were deposed, the Lords began searching for SIVA, hoping to use the technology to help restore civilization to the world. Eventually, they track it to the area that would become known as the Plaguelands. However, Rasputin was awakened by the intrusion and dedicated all of his defenses into stopping them including SIVA. While the specifics of Bretomart's fate are unknown, she was likely to have been one of the many Lords who met her end in the Plaguelands.

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