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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Old Russia, Earth

Hostile Races:



Complete The Iron Tomb

Landing Zones:

Lords' Watch

"As a result of the Fallen’s unchecked ambition, SIVA’s corruption has begun to spread, infecting the land and creating a hostile, otherworldly new threat in the quarantined outskirts of the Cosmodrome known as the Plaguelands."
— Grimoire Description.

The Plaguelands is an area near the Cosmodrome that has been quarantined for centuries. After the Devil Splicers had broken through the walls and found SIVA, they began using the forbidden technology to transform this region of Old Russia to fit their twisted desires.[1]

Notable Places[edit]

The Plaguelands also connects to remodeled versions of locations from the original Cosmodrome Patrol area:


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