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Destinations are locations that players can travel to from the Director. This primarily includes PvE locations and social spaces; Crucible locations are normally selected at random and cannot be visited during matchmaking except in private matches. PvE Destinations are the largest playable spaces and have a large number of activities available, namely: Patrol, Story missions, Strikes, and Raids.


Social spaces[edit]


Destiny 2[edit]

Social spaces and safe zones[edit]



Vaulted Destinations are no longer accessible, but may still host Crucible or Gambit maps, and occasionally special PvE activities.


  • Most Destinations on real celestial bodies other than Earth have a name inspired by or even named after an actual geological feature.


  1. ^ Phobos is accessible from the Meridian Bay map screen.
  2. ^ Mars is accessible from the Savathûn's Throne World map screen.
  3. ^ The Leviathan was originally accessible as its own destination, then moved to the Nessus map screen in Forsaken before being vaulted for Beyond Light.

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