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"They say this was where mankind first reached beyond the confines of Earth. Whatever promise this place once offered is long gone—now it just holds the bones of that long-forgotten time."
— Area Description
The landscape of Old Russia

Old Russia is a toxic[1] area on Earth that was once modern day Kazakhstan during the Golden Age. There was a large walled structure built here for the purpose of protecting numerous colony ships meant to flee Earth during the Collapse, and evidence of refugees attempting to escape the planet still remains. This wall is occupied by Riksis, Devil Archon, and numerous Fallen from the House of Devils.[2] Orange, burnt grass steppes and dimly lit interiors of old buildings are a magnet for invading Fallen Soldiers.[3]

The Fallen control most of Old Russia (acting as the House of Devils' stronghold), but there are pockets of Hive occupation.[4]


While players will explore many areas of Earth in the long-term Destiny storyline, the first major location is Old Russia. Specifically, Guardians are first revived by their Ghosts just outside the devastated ruins of the Cosmodrome in A Guardian Rises, and explore its surrounding area—a real-world site in modern day Kazakhstan that has long been the launch site for the Russian space program.

Old Russia has five Gold Chests. Finding them all will unlock an Uncommon Sparrow.[5]


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