The Last Array

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"Track down codes to raise an ancient Array and connect it to long-lost colonies throughout the solar system."
— In game description


The Warmind


The Dark Beyond

The Last Array
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Cosmodrome, Old Russia

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The Last Array is a story mission that takes place in the Cosmodrome in Old Russia.[1]



{Loading screen}

  • Ghost: There's reports a team of Guardians went dark near the old Skywatch. They were running a mission for Dead Orbit, had codes to a hidden array that could reconnect us to other colonies in the system. If we can find their Ghosts, maybe we can open that array.


  • Ghost: The Ghosts were last heard from near the Skywatch. Let's head there and see if we can find them.

The Guardian enters the Lunar Complex.

  • Ghost: We're heading back through that Hive breeding ground. The Vanguard say they're spilling onto the surface now, keeping the Fallen busy.

The Guardian proceeds further into the complex and kills a group of Fallen enemies.

  • Ghost: The Ghosts... they are in a clearing between buildings not far from here.

The Guardian exits the complex and enters the Skywatch.

  • Ghost: The Ghosts are still here! The Fallen have them.

The Guardian kills multiple Fallen enemies, who drop Ghosts. The Guardian picks up a Ghost.

  • Ghost: It's dead. Keep hunting.

The Guardian picks up another Ghost.

  • Ghost: This one still holds the codes. Let's find the Array!

The Guardian heads toward the Terrestrial Complex.

  • Ghost: The Darkness is growing stronger. We have to finish this. The Array Control Station is in the next sector.

The Guardian approaches the Control Station.

  • Ghost: Approaching the Control Station. This is it!

The Guardian kills all of the Fallen enemies near the Control Station.

  • Ghost: There's the controls. I'll see if these codes still work.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to hack the controls.

  • Ghost: Okay, negotiating cryptosystems. Shor-resistant security lattice verified. It's working! Outside, the Array! It's opening! Amazing... it's activating.

Hive Tombships appear.

  • Ghost: Hive Tombships! Cutting through.

The Guardian is attacked by several waves of Hive enemies, including a Hive Hallowed Knight, and kills them.

  • Ghost: I think we're clear! You need to see this!

The Guardian returns to the Control Station.

  • Ghost: The Array... it's controlled by Rasputin. The last Warmind. He won't let me in. But it's connecting to defense constructs all across the system. There could be something out there to help us survive the Darkness.

{Mission ends}


Fallen - House of Devils and House of Kings
Hive - Hidden Swarm and Blood of Oryx


  • This mission is the first time that all three destinations (The Moon, Mars and Venus) that players can explore are revealed to the player.
  • The location of the array is also available to patrol through. There are both Fallen and Hive battling for territory and a Servant of the Eyes praying in the middle of the area.


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