Hidden Swarm

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Hidden Swarm
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Frontline Military


Swarm Princes



"Mind the cracks and crevices of the Moon. There is an army in their shadows"
Ikora Rey

The Hidden Swarm are a sect of the Hive, lead by the Swarm Princes as its primary military force during the City Age. On Earth, they served as the beachhead force of the invasion, as they're the first Hive encountered in The Dark Within. On the Moon, they're the outermost defensive line, warding off anyone attempting to enter the Hellmouth.[1] They are identified by their red coloring and the large nails driven through their arms and bodies. This sect of hive are encountered once more on Luna in Shadowkeep, their general look remains the same compared to Savathun's hive but they now seem to have some form of spiked growth all over their bodies.

Notable Members[edit]


  • It's unknown what Hive deity spawned the Hidden Swarm, as none of the known gods have been referenced to giving birth to this brood.
    • Its most likely that they serve the Hive god Crota, as their commanders all follow Sardon, Fist of Crota.
    • Because of this, the Hidden Swarm is the only Hive brood besides the Cult of the Worm that has no main god leading or breeding the brood.

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