Akrazul, the Severed

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Akrazul, the Severed
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"I am plague. I am withering disregard. Yet, here… in your selfless gift, I find new purpose."
— Akrazul to Azavath[1].

Akrazul, the Severed was a Knight of the Hidden Swarm who sought vengeance upon the Daughters of Crota and their court. He had been crippled by Guardians and looked down on by other Hive for that reason.


Enacting the Heresy[edit]

"I see our end — written in greed. The aftermath of a feeble reign. Such is not how I would see us fall."
— Akrazul[2]

When approached by his sister Malkanth about assassinating the Daughters of Crota, Akrazul agreed with her on the court being unworthy of the power they wielded over the Swarm. He saw the Hive nobility as weak and treacherous, praying on the misery of those below struggling against foes "more brutal than time"[2]. He consented to take part in her scheme and be the catalyst for proving the Sword Logic futile[1].

Malkanth's plan required the sacrifice of Akrazul's other sister Azavath, whom he loved dearly. When Malkanth performed the Inquisition of Self, a ritual which would sever Azavath's essence from her body, rendering it an empty husk for Akrazul to fill, he began hearing whispers of Savathûn, the Witch Queen. She stoked his rage and grief, convincing him to be but a pawn in Malkanth's plans and having only ever been loved by Azavath. When he woke up in his sister's body and saw her smiling at him, he struck against her and pierced her heart with a blade. He then moved to deliver his vengeance upon the court[3].

Whispers in the Pit[edit]

"You were selfish in your quest for slaughter. Still, she forgives you. She simply asks that you afford her the same courtesy."
— Savathûn to Akrazul before he is unmade by his sister

The Knight in the body of a Deathsinger challenged Zulmak and defeated him with ease, much to the congregation gathered in the Necropolis's shock. When interrogated by a scholar, Akrazul cut him down and unleashed his rage, grief and lust for vengeance upon the crowd[4]. Blinded by fury, he slaughtered everything in his wake, until a voice called out, shaking him out of his murderous frenzy. Over piles of corpses of his victims, Akrazul saw Malkanth hover towards him - the gaping wound left by his blade in her chest[4]. In her eyes he saw a caring beyond any Malkanth had ever shown, and as she unmade him with a Deathsong, he felt only relief and love.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

Akrazul had been an excellent warrior up until his injury at the hands of Guardians. He felt that his failure tainted not only him but also his sisters in the eyes of the Swarm, and sought to find himself again in the new body of his sister[1]. He and Azavath had deep love for each other, which the Witch-Queen used to tempt the Knight to turn against Malkanth after the ritual. He held the Hive nobility in contempt for their treachery and weakness, and his rage quickly turned into an uncontrolled murderous spree that could be halted only by his sister eventually murdering him.

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