In the Deep

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The Scarlet Keep



In the Deep


Destiny 2




1 - 3

Recommended Power Level:



Archer's Line, Moon


Venture into the Hellmouth and retrieve the Cryptoglyph for Eris Morn

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Somewhere in the horrific depths of the Hellmouth lies the Hive Cryptoglyph. With it, Eris Morn can craft further Dreambane armor for your quest to find a way inside the Pyramid. The Cryptoglyph is yours to take from the Hive… if you can.

In the Deep is the third story mission of the Shadowkeep campaign. Eris Morn needs a Hive artifact deep within the Hellmouth. The Guardian is tasked to find it and bring it back to her.


  • Locate the Hive Cryptoglyph
  • Eliminate the Hive
  • Take the Hive Cryptoglyph
  • Escape with the Hive Cryptoglyph



  • Eris Morn: "The Catacombs. Somewhere within that Hive-infested labyrinth lies our Cryptoglyph. If we hope to go beyond the Pyramid's warding, we must retrieve it. But be warned: Those that enter the rotting depths of the Catacombs often fail to return… In that tomb, light does not find a way."

Fighting through the Hall of Wisdom, The Guardian eventually reaches the Circle of Bones.

  • Ghost: "There's our entrance, over on the other side of the pit."

Upon reaching the entrance, The Guardian is greeted by flights of stairs, descending into the dark.

  • Eris Morn: "Never are the Catacombs unmanned, as they play host to the most potent of Hive magics - including our Cryptoglyph. We know not what the Hive plan to do with power as dangerous as this. But they must not find success. The dark rituals of the Hive pose a threat can't currently afford to face. If their goals align with ours, it is of utmost importance they be halted immediately."

After sometime, journeying ever further into the depths.

  • Eris Morn: "It was within these depths that Crota and his brood stripped me of all that I cared for - my fireteam… my friends. Only I remained, beaten and broken. The guilt of survival lingers… but you must not. Onward."

Continuing on, The Guardian eventually reaches a chasm flanked by the colossal Pyramid.

  • Ghost: "The Pyramid… My Light… it's happening again.
  • Eris Morn: "Focus. The Pyramid distracts, nothing more. When you have the Cryptoglyph in hand, I will teleport you out."

Activating a nearby sigil, a bridge is created and The Guardian begins to cross it.

  • Ghost: "More Phantoms… just like those haunting Eris. Faceless Guardians watching us. They're nothing more than a distraction."

Upon crossing the bridge and up a small incline, the Cryptoglyph comes into sight.

  • Ghost: "That's the Cryptoglyph. Grab it!"

Hive forces begin to spawn in and attack The Guardian, with wizards creating an energy field around the Cryptoglyph in defense. After eliminating all nearby Hive, The Guardian retrieves the Cryptoglyph.

  • Ghost: "Eris, we have the Cryptoglyph. Teleport us out. Eris? Are you there?"

The Guardian is suddenly drained of Light. The chasm goes dark.

  • Ghost: "...Run."

Lightless and surrounded, The Guardian makes a mad dash for the exit, eventually reaching the surface.'

  • Eris Morn: "Guardian?"
  • Ghost: "We're here, Cryptoglyph and all."
  • Eris Morn: "I thought you'd… I'm sorry. The immense darkness of the Pyramid kept me from you. But we must not waste time. With the Cryptoglyph in hand, we stand a chance against the Pyramid. Bring it here, and let us make use of it."

{Mission ends}


Hive - Hidden Swarm


  • This is the first mission since Adieu where the player's light becomes restricted. The player is unable to use supers or grenades; leaving only melee and class ability available.
  • This mission is similar to the mission Last Rites. Both missions require the player to go deep into Hive territory, steal an object of value, and when said object is retrieved, the player is unable to be extracted by Eris.
  • If you stand too far away to the Cryptoglyph, then it will start to vibrate