A Mysterious Disturbance

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A Mysterious Disturbance
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Destiny 2




1 - 3

Recommended Power Level:

770 (heroic)


Ocean of Storms, Moon


Cut back the resurgence of Hive across the Moon and find Eris Morn

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Travel to the Moon and stave of the Hive resurgence alongside your fellow Guardians.

A Mysterious Disturbance is the first story mission of the Shadowkeep campaign. Travel back to the Moon to cut back Hive on a long forgotten place. While the Vanguard lay siege to the Scarlet Keep, The Guardian sets out to find Eris Morn, who hasn't been seen since the Red War, only to find a new threat under the surface creating Nightmares of the Guardians' worst foes, including Dominus Ghaul, Crota, and The Fanatic.


  • Reclaim the Moon
  • Pursue the Hive
  • Secure a foothold for the Vanguard
  • Advance Toward the Scarlet Keep - Traverse the canyon as you advance toward the Hive Keep.
  • Gain Access to the Scarlet Keep
  • Locate Eris Morn



A cave floor is faintly illuminated in green, revealing Eris. She comes across a dark energy and glides her hand across it. The energy disappears and the cave around her begins to rumble, resulting in the wall ahead of her to collapse. Eris turns around and a hooded Phantom appears.

Shadowkeep title card fades in and out to black

Approaching from Earth, The Guardian's jumpship can be seen flying quickly to the surface of the Moon.

  • Zavala: "Attention all guardians. Last night we detected a seismic disturbance on the Moon. Within hours it was swarming with Hive. This plague must not be allowed to spread."

Fade to black.


  • Zavala: "The Hive pour onto the surface of our Moon from the Keep. That is where our disturbance originated. We will investigate, but first we must regain a lunar foothold. For some of you, this is all too familiar. But do not let the atrocities of Crota haunt you. Whatever this is, we will not let the tragedies of our past repeat themselves."

Guardian forces, with assistance from City frames, beat back the Hive.

  • Ghost: "The Hive appear to be retreating. Commander, these Hive are erratic. Scattered."
  • Zavala: "They lack leadership. Crota's death left a void they have yet to fill. But the disturbance seems to have emboldened them. They must be stopped."
  • Ghost: "We're on it."

City forces pursue the Hive deeper and toward the Keep's outer walls.

  • Ghost: "Hive are coming from that portal up ahead. Let's shut it down."

The Guardian begins to take down Hive sigils and eventually a shrieker defending the portal.

  • Ghost: "The portal is down, Commander."
  • Zavala: "Good work, Guardians. Thanks to you, we'll have an LZ up and running soon. In the meantime, press on towards the Keep."
  • Ikora Rey: "Guardian. There's no time to lose."
  • Ghost: "Ikora?"
  • Ikora: "This 'disturbance' - I know what triggered it. Who triggered it. Eris Morn."

If the Guardian is a new light.

  • Ghost: "Eris? She disappeared before the "Red War. She's here?" (New Light)


  • Ghost: "Eris is back on the Moon?" (Veteran of Destiny)
  • Ikora: "Last I heard from her, she was headed into the Keep. I don't even know if she's still -"
  • Ghost: "We'll find her. Alive"

The Guardian and Ghost continue on toward the Keep

  • Zavala: "Before we can gain access to the Keep, you'll need to clear the surrounding area. Assistance is on its way."
  • Ghost: "Commander, was the Vanguard aware of the Hive's activity on the Moon before the disturbance?"
  • Zavala: "We've been closely monitoring their progress, but had not yet discovered the purpose of this Scarlet Keep."

As the Guardian approaches the Keep, a flight Hawks drop off several Drake Tanks to support in the siege.'

  • Ghost: "The path is clear. Ready to head into the Scarlet Keep"

With the area secured, the Guardian proceeds into the Keep to begin searching for Eris.

  • Ikora: "Eris came to me. She'd found evidence of something very old on the Moon. A potential threat to humanity. Eris insisted on going alone. Just a scouting mission, she said. And I let her. Eris is resilient. She's proven that again and again. Often to her own detriment"
  • Ghost: "If anybody can take care of themselves, it's Eris Morn. [static] Ikora? We've lost her signal. That's strange."

As the Guardian continues to travel deeper into the caves, a distorted floating red figure appears.

  • Ghost: "What was that?"

Dropping down a ledge, the Guardian enters a cavern lit only by lanterns and filled with strange Hive.

  • Ghost: These Hive… they're not actually Hive. Their energy signature is entirely unfamiliar."

Heading towards Eris, the ceiling of the cave splits open with a perfect view of the Earth and even more of the distorted red figures.

  • Ghost: "The source of our… disturbance… should be right around here…"

The Guardian runs around a corner, revealing a massive Pyramid ship sitting in an incredibly abyssal hole.

  • Ghost: "What… is that? I've never seen anything like it. This must be what Eris was after." (Invitation of the Nine uncompleted)


  • Ghost: "That's… one of those Pyramids. It can't be. That should not be here. Eris must have gone inside." (Invitation of the Nine completed)

Dropping down another ledge, the Guardian continues closer to the Pyramid.

  • Ghost: "Something's wrong. I feel strange. Like someone - or something - is invading my Light.

The Guardian comes across an opening with a strange red aura in the middle.

  • Ghost: "That… thing across the way. What is that?"

Approaching the aura, the Guardian is pushed back by an unknown energy..

  • Ghost: "There's some sort of massive energy spike here. It's too heavy for us to pass through."

Just then, the aura transforms into Crota.

  • Ghost: "Crota!? But he's dead!" (New Light)


  • Ghost: "Crota!? But we killed him!" (Veteran)

After fighting off the Nightmare for some time, Crota's strength returns to him.

  • Ghost: "He's regenerating?"

At that moment, apparitions of Ghaul and Fikrul appear alongside Crota.

  • Ghost: "We can't win. We have to go. Now"
  • Eris Morn: "Guardian! Come… with… me! [Incantations]"

{Level ends}


The Guardian is teleported to a balcony overlooking the Pyramid and looks up to see Eris Morn watching it. With her, the apparition from earlier.

  • Guardian: "Eris Morn."

The Guardian approaches her, keeping an eye on the figure floating close by.

  • Guardian: "What is that Pyramid?"
  • Eris: "You've heard the stories. Of the Traveler's sacrifice. Of darkness descending upon humanity. Before us lies a dark remnant of their existence. Was it struck down by the Traveler? Left here on purpose? The truth is ours to discover."
  • Guardian: "Discover how?"
  • Eris: "We find a way inside."

{Cutscene ends}


Hive - Hidden Swarm



  • Depending on the veterancy of the player, the dialogue spoken throughout the level will be different.
  • This mission marks the first time frames and hawks are seen actively participating in combat roles during gameplay.
  • Eris' dialogue, as she teleports the Guardian away from the Nightmares, is the exact same as when she first teleported the Guardian in Last Rites during The Taken King campaign.