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The Tyrant



A Shadow Overhead


Destiny 2


Season of Arrivals




Echo Mesa, Io

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A Shadow Overhead was the opening mission of the Season of Arrivals. As the Black Fleet arrives in the Sol System, The Guardian is dispatched by Commander Zavala to investigate the Pyramid that landed there and locate Eris Morn.


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  • Eris: The Hive wanted a return to war on the Moon. They built a lunar fortress to back their assault. A grand stage to announce their revival. You climbed that Scarlet Citadel… and the Hive met you head on. You buried them. But we found more than the Hive on the Moon. The Dark has reached out. We have no choice but to reach back.

As a Pyramid approaches Jupiter, Anastasia Bray and Rasputin monitor its progress from the Mindlab on Mars. Rasputin unleashes its arsenal upon the Pyramid, which briefly disappears from the tactical displays. Ana begins to celebrate before it reappears and continues its approach. As she goes to consult Rasputin, the Warmind is assaulted by the forces of the Darkness and taken offline

  • Zavala: The day we've been dreading has finally arrived. The Darkness is here. We need boots on the ground on Io. Recon. There's a Pyramid… It's already disabled Rasputin. I'd lean on Eris's expertise, but we haven't been able to reach her. We both know what that means. Eris is our best chance at understanding what we're up against. I need her at the Tower. She's too valuable an asset to… Find her, Guardian. Bring her home.

The Guardian lands in the Lost Oasis and witnesses the arrival of the Pyramid

  • Ghost: Eris Morn. A Guardian without a Ghost. I wonder how that must feel. Hollow. Unnatural. When I look at that ship… Eris, can you hears us? Eris? … Nothing. Zavala, come in.
  • Zavala: Any sign?
  • Ghost: My signals are being suppressed. I can't even summon a Sparrow.
  • Zavala: What do you see?
  • Ghost: The Pyramid. It's… oppressive. Like a storm building.
  • Zavala: Then be quick. Get out ahead of it.
  • Ghost: Understood.

As the Guardian approaches the cliffside closest to the Pyramid, they are suddenly pulled toward it

  • Ghost: No, no… Don't — !

The Pyramid begins to speak through Ghost

  • Pyramid: You bring weapons. You will not need them. We offer only truth. We will ha — [static]

The Guardian is teleported into the Court of Savathûn through a portal

  • Ghost: Something pulled us out of the beam! What's happening? What is this place?

Multiple Shriekers called Savathûn's Witness appear, but the Guardian is teleported out of the Ascendant Realm to the Cradle Descent

  • Ghost: We're back on Io. Close to the Cradle…
  • Ghost: I'm — I'm getting faint readings from Eris now. Let's keep moving. The air down here is choked with strange communications. I don't know if I can —
  • Eris: Is that you, Guardian?
  • Ghost: You're needed back at the Tower. Zavala sent us —
  • Eris: Of course he did. I'm moving towards the Cradle. It calls to me.
  • Ghost: It? What is it?
  • Eris: The Hive are frenzied. [thrumming static] … cut through them. We mu— [whirring interference]
  • Ghost: Zavala? Did you catch that? [radio static] This interference… I can't triangulate a point of origin. Keep going. Maybe the signal is better up ahead.

The Guardian moves through the cavern but another Savathûn's Witness appears alongside other Taken

  • Eris: Guardian, your assistance would not be unwelcome! There are forces at play here I do not fully understand. The Hive — [grotesque Hive screaming] Aah!
  • Ghost: We need to move.

An Ogre Ascendant appears, but the Guardian kills it and Savathûn's Witness

  • Ghost: All channels! Is anyone there?
  • Eris: [wounded breathing obscured by static]
  • Ghost: Eris, talk to us. Say something.
  • Eris: [distorted, painful cry]
  • Ghost: Please.

The Guardian reaches the Cradle and fights their way to the Tree of Silver Wings. As the reach the area under the tree they are pulled back into Court of Savathûn

  • Ghost: Something pulled us back in. It's keeping us from Eris!

Upon defeating an Envoy of Savathûn, multiple Savathûn's Witnesses appear and attack the Guardian

  • Ghost: There are too many of them!
  • Eris: Enough!

The Guardian is teleported out of the Court and back underneath the Tree of Silver Wings, where Eris is awaiting them

  • Ghost: You're hurt.
  • Eris: It… is nothing. But this. This is something. A Tree of Silver Wings. It grew from the last place the Traveler touched before it left this world. The Darkness was drawn here. As the Hive is drawn to the Darkness. These eyes of mine. The things they have seen…

Eris tries to claim the Seed of Silver Wings but cannot approach it

  • Ghost: What was that?
  • Eris: Something that does not want us here.
  • Ghost: Darkness.
  • Eris: No. But it is of the Darkness. It has to be you, this time.

The Guardian is able to claim the Seed

  • Zavala: [static] … anyone's there! I repeat: Come in.
  • Ghost: We hear you, Zavala!
  • Zavala: Have you found her?
  • Eris: The Seed breaks through the interference…
  • Zavala: Eris.
  • Eris Morn: Zavala.
  • Zavala: Report back to me in the Tower, both of you. Our transmissions may be compromised.
  • Eris: Let's not keep him waiting, Guardian.

Eris approaches Zavala in his office

  • Zavala: What did you find?
  • Eris: It found me. The Darkness reached out to me, but something interferes. Its messages to us are being defaced.
  • Zavala: Defaced?
  • Eris: By the witch-sister of the Taken King Oryx: Savathûn.
  • Zavala: Your obsession gives her power.
  • Eris: No. She feeds on denial. Ignorance. The Guardian has discovered a means to circumvent her: a seed of Silver Wings.
  • Zavala: Eris —
  • Eris: If the Dark reaches out, we must reach back.
  • Zavala: I will not sanction this!
  • Eris: We are beyond sanctions. It is here. I will return to Io. If we cannot determine what the Darkness seeks, we will find ourselves on the verge of a Second Collapse. Perhaps that is what Savathûn wants.
  • Zavala: Please don't.
  • Eris: Let me go, Zavala.

Eris departs, leaving the Guardian alone with Zavala in his office

  • Zavala: Where were we?
  • Ghost: According to spectral analysis, the Pyramid… Its propulsion… the energy its manipulating on Io… I don't see a ship. I see a being… Paracausal in nature.
  • Zavala: Like the Traveler.
  • Ghost: All records of the Golden Age agree: On the first day, the sky filled with darkness. On the second, the Traveler fell.
  • Zavala: Help Eris where you can, but be ready to deal with the enemy fleet when it arrives. We need you, Guardian.



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