Corridors of Time Part 1

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Corridors of Time Part 2

Corridors of Time Part 1


Destiny 2


Season of Dawn



Recommended Power Level:



Corridors of Time, The Sundial
Zephyr Station Perimeter, The Sundial


• Enter the Corridors of Time
• Traverse the Corridors of Time
• Search for Saint-14
• Eliminate All Hostiles
• Speak to Saint-14
• Arm Saint-14
• Show Saint His Future

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"Use the Sundial to travel back in time and attempt the impossible: saving Saint-14."
— Mission description

Corridors of Time Part 1 was the first Story Mission of Season of Dawn.[1]



(Mission Begins)

  • Ghost: The Shotgun you crafted in the Infinite Forge is reacting to the Sundial! An onboard transponder is broadcasting coordinates: a path through the Sundial, crossing two time periods. The prophecy blueprint you used to create the Perfect Paradox must have included this broadcast. If you can open up the initial chamber, I can align us to the first time period the broadcast is referencing.

The Guardian traverses the Corridors of Time until they reach Zephyr Station Perimeter.

  • Ghost: This is new... Topographical scan confirms this is Mercury circa the Dark Age. Incoming signal on an old emergency band... Hold on...
  • Saint-14: I repeat, this is Saint-14. The Fallen have overrun Zephyr Station. If you can hear this, turn back!
  • Ghost: Saint, hold your position. You have an armed Guardian incoming!
  • Saint-14: Who is this?
  • Ghost: Just stay alive, Titan.

The Guardian fights through the Vex and Fallen forces until the shield barrier opens.

  • Saint-14: All is lost, Guardian. Get out of here. I'll hold them off for as long as I can. The Fallen cannot be stopped. They do not negotiate. Their bargains are lies. I've watched them burn and pillage whole villages in the Cosmodrome. [gags] I've watched Dregs eat children. They envy us. Their legends say the Traveler chose them before us. And they will kill. They will torture. They will maim to earn their Machine God's favor.

The Guardian makes their way to Saint's position, where he is pinned down inside his Ward of Dawn by a horde of Fallen. They join the Titan in the battle.

  • Saint-14: The Light the Traveler gave to us — it only brings more violence.

The Guardian kills off several of the Fallen attackers, while Saint remains staggered in his Ward.

  • Saint-14: Your strength is a sight to behold. But what has all your strength come to? Our people are dying on Earth. They died here, on Zephyr Station.

Several flayers appear in the distance, and a Skiff warps in to drop off a House of Rain Walker. A House of Rain Servitor also teleports in to shield the tank, and the Fallen recommence their assault. The Guardian is eventually successful in destroying the Servitor.

  • Saint-14: I arrived with a dozen Human colonists: Mercury was supposed to be a garden world. But the Vex were here first. They have murdered this planet. And these Fallen, of the House of Rain, tracked us here all the way from the Cosmodrome. They destroyed us.

The Guardian destroys the Walker and the Fallen forces subside, before Saint's Ward disappears.

  • Saint-14: We never should have come.

The Guardian approaches the Titan.

  • Saint-14: Another minute and they would have eaten my Ghost. Fallen are monsters.
  • Ghost: Some are. Are you fit to fight, Titan?
  • Saint-14: I was supposed to protect these people. I should be dead.
  • Ghost: You're stronger than you think.
  • Saint-14: Not strong enough.

The Ghost materializes the Perfect Paradox next to Saint, which he takes.

  • Saint-14: What is this?
  • Ghost: The Perfect Paradox. Built by my Guardian out of spare parts and Light and sheer will to aid you.
  • Saint-14: It's beautiful!

The Ghost projects a hologram of the Last City behind the Titan.

  • Ghost: I probably shouldn't be showing you this, but when has that ever stopped us. This is the Last Safe City of Humanity. Hundreds of years from now. During the day, there are children laughing in the streets. When night falls, the people sleep safe in their homes. Not against the walls — weapons in hand — like the early days. These are your people, Saint. Their descendants. If you quit the fight, maybe you'll live forever. Your Ghost will protect you no matter what. But this Last City might never happen.
  • Saint-14: Everything I've ever built has died. I've buried most of the people I've met. I — I can't do this. Not anymore.
  • Ghost: We all make our own choices. Good luck, Titan.

(Mission Ends)

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