Corridors of Time Part 2

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Corridors of Time Part 2


Destiny 2


Season of Dawn



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Corridors of Time, The Sundial
Infinity's Siphon, The Sundial


• Enter the Corridors of Time
• Traverse the Corridors of Time
• Search for Saint-14
• Save Saint-14
• Talk to Saint-14

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"The Sundial is ready for another time jump. Use it to travel back to the coordinates broadcast by the Perfect Paradox Shotgun."
— Mission description

Corridors of Time Part 2 was the second Story Mission of Season of Dawn.[1]


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(Mission Begins)

  • Saint-14: I've killed enough of you to end a war. And you took my Light. I guess that makes us even. What are you waiting for? Last words? Finish it, you cowards.

The Guardian traverses the Corridors of Time until they reach Infinity's Siphon.

  • Ghost: Now where are we? Let's see... Topographical readouts match near-present Mercury. This is before I found you. And after Saint-14 launched his last mission to find Osiris...

The Guardian sees Saint blasting a Descendant Minotaur and approaches him. He flinches before he recognizes them.

  • Saint-14: Guardian, you're back! Just in time. I was about to send my Ghost away. I'm afraid that Martyr Mind has taken my Light. But now that you're here, these Vex are do— [strained grunting]

Saint is detained and teleported into a Vex prison. Agioktis, Martyr Mind, appears further up the hill, and the battle commences.

(Random Saint-14 commentary):

  • [grunts]
  • Amazing!
  • Like a monster!
  • Run, little Vex! Run away! [laughs]
  • Save some Vex for me, my friend! I'm trapped, not dead!
  • Since the day I met you, I have longed to see you fight again! It is an honor!
  • Spectacular!
  • These Vex should flee! Don't they know you're here to kill them?
  • Two for one!
  • Very aggressive! I like that!
  • You are even more vicious than I remember!
  • Your Light is terrifying! And beautiful!

The Guardian deposits the final Arc Charge, but is teleported into a Vex cage by the Martyr Mind. Saint regains his light and is freed from his prison.

  • Saint-14: I can feel the Light in my bones! Martyr Mind! Time to die!

Saint activates his Sentinel Shield and dives towards the Martyr Mind, destroying it and freeing the Guardian.

  • Saint-14: It's been a long time, my friends. I've chased your memory for centuries. You should go now. Those who could kill me are dead. You made sure of that.
  • Ghost: And what if the Vex take your Light again?
  • Saint-14: Impossible. It cost them everything to build the Martyr Mind. When you crushed it, they were doomed.
  • Ghost: You want us to leave you? You'll be stuck here for years.
  • Saint-14: You've both done plenty. Just open the Infinite Forest gate for me. I'll meet you the long way around, at the entrance.

Multiple Vex Descendants begin arriving nearby. Saint pulls Perfect Paradox from his back.

  • Saint-14: What's a few more years of fighting Vex?

Saint waves a goodbye salute and heads off to face Vex before the Guardian departs.

(Mission Ends)

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