Agioktis, Martyr Mind

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Agioktis, Martyr Mind
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Axis Mind



Combat information


Corridors of Time Part 2


SolarS.png Modified Line Rifle


VoidS.png Flame Bolts
VoidS.png Burn
Summon Vex
Summon Seekers
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Brief Immunity
Suppression Field
Barrier Shield
Summon Shackled Minotaurs
KineticS.png Temporal Shockwave
Berserk Mode


"I've killed enough of you to end a war. And you took my Light. I guess that makes us even. What are you waiting for? Last words? Finish it, you cowards."

Agioktis, Martyr Mind was a powerful Vex Hobgoblin and Axis Mind, created for the purpose of draining the Light of Saint-14. It was encountered at Infinity's Siphon, where it served as final boss of the Corridors of Time Part 2 Mission.


Built in desperation to counter a rampant Saint-14, the Mind would relentlessly hunt down the notorious Titan, who successfully destroyed the Mind, but not before it drained his Light, leaving him helpless for the Vex to finish him.[1] However, with the power of the Sundial, the Guardian was capable of going back into Mercury's Simulant Future to save him. After a skirmish with the Mind and its Descendant back-up, the Mind would detain the Guardian instead. However, this released Saint-14 as a result, allowing him to crush the Vex mind using his Sentinel Shield, putting an end to it once and for all.[2]


Agioktis is encountered at Infinity's Siphon in Corridors of Time Part 2. After you meet up with Saint-14, he will be detained in a Vex prison and the Martyr Mind will arrive, beginning the boss fight.

Agioktis makes use the same weaponry and battle tactics as Brakion, Genesis Mind. It is armed with a powerful Line Rifle as a primary means of offense, and can fire a barrage of Void Bolts from its left arm. It can also summon red, cube-shaped fields that will release an extremely volatile Seeker drones if you get too close. The Mind has has the ability of detaining any aggressor, trapping them in a bubble and stalling their progress. Agioktis will retreat behind a Vex shield barrier whenever a fourth of its health is lost, but is still capable of firing through at its opponent. Once behind its defense, it will summon a Shackled Minotaur. These Ultras must be killed in order to retrieve the Arc Charge that they dropped, so that it could be deposited into a Vex Conflux holding the Martyr Mind's barrier. This process will have to be repeated three times throughout the boss fight. Once the third Charge has been placed, the now-headless Martyr Mind will teleport you into detainment field, but will be destroyed seconds later by Saint.



  • Agioktis was the fourth Axis Mind the Guardians encountered that possessed the form of a Hobgoblin. Xegonion, Warped Mind, Brakion, Genesis Mind and Replicant Mind, Proxy being the first, second, and third, respectively.
    • However, it was the second to be giant sized, after Brakion.
  • Agioktis's name is derived from the Greek word "Agios," meaning "sacred" or "saint." This being an homage to Saint-14 himself, and the supposed respect for him that the Vex developed.
  • Martyr means: to be executed, or disdained, because of having a different belief. Agioktis's title fits its purpose, as it was created for the purpose killing Saint-14, whose Light and relentless strength were something the Vex did not understand.

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