Ether Abomination

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Ether Abomination
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Patrol Tangled Shore (formerly)
Patrol Dreaming City
Patrol Savathûn's Throne World

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ArcS.png Overcharged Ether
Summon Scorn
High Durability
ArcS.png Ground Slam


Ether Abominations are Ultra Scorn Abominations that appear in the Dreaming City[1], Savathûn's Throne World,[2] and the Tangled Shore when it was still available as a Destination.[3] They can be encountered when the Ether Ritual Public Event is active.[4]


An Ether Abomination serves as the final boss of the Ether Ritual Public Event, which can appear at the Divalian Mists and Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City; Quagmire, Miasma, and the Florescent Canal in the Throne World, and—prior to it being removed—Four-Horn Gulch on the Tangled Shore. To summon them, participants must eliminate all of the Dredge Chieftains that spawn. Once you have taken out all three of them, the Ultra will arrive—accompanied by more Scorn enemies—to repel the attackers who are disrupting the ritual.

These bosses possess abilities typical of the average Abomination: being able to fire highly powerful, concentrated blasts of Ether from their palms, as well as unleashing a large shock wave of Arc energy by slamming the ground with their fists, knocking back anyone who is caught in the radius of the attack. However, the Ultras are lacking in defensive options and can be brought down quickly with enough sustained firepower. Once an Ether Abomination has been defeated, the Public Event will have been completed, and any participating players may open the chest that spawns to claim their rewards.

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