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Ether Totem
Ether Torch
SOLAR Totem (Burn).png
Ether Bind
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Ether Shield
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Production overview



Weapon type:




SolarS.png Solar (Solar Chieftains only)

Effective range:


Service history

In service:

All scorn


Ultra Raiders


Ether Totems are devices predominantly used by Scorn Chieftains in battle, though they have also been seen deployed by powerful Raiders such as Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest.


All three totems have the same health, but varying ranges and lifespans. There are a total of three versions of Ether Totem that a Chieftain can spawn:

  • The Ether Torch totem acts as a flame turret that spins fire streams that can burn away at their targets. Solar totems have the smallest range, with their radius being the size of a Ward of Dawn Bubble, and a median life span.(for more info see Chieftain page)
  • The Ether Bind totem tethers any Guardians close to it in an attempt to allow other Scorn units to close the distance and kill their target; destroying this totem will break the tether. They act like the Fanatic's staff as they can pull guardians to it just from briefly entering their range and the Nightstalker's Shadowshot super for tethering nearby Guardians. Arc totems have a median range, but have the longest lifespan, surviving quite long after their summoner has been slain. (for more info see Chieftain page)
  • The Ether Shield totem behaves similarly to the Servitor's shield ability as well as heal Scorn units within its proximity. Void totems have the longest range but also the shortest lifespan. (for more info see Chieftain page)[1]

Most users only have access to one type of totem, but some Ultra Scorn, as well as Overload Chieftains, are capable of deploying all three kinds of Totems.

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