Ether Harvester

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The Ether Harvester is a device used by the Scorn for the production and usage of Dark Ether.

Ether Harvester.png


The Ether Harvester's most striking feature is the dismantled Servitor residing in the middle of the contraption. The machine has been torn apart and desecrated, welded to four pillars with the characteristic Scorn design. Dark Ether can be seen smoking out of the machine. Harvesters have only been seen in the field, when the Scorn use them for their Ether Rituals. In these occasions, they seem to attract Dark Ether, in the form of small floating spheres, from three nearby Emitter devices. These other contraptions change in shape, being more mutilated and chained Servitors for the Scorn of the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City[1][2], or Pyramid technology with a geometrical shape, glowing with Resonance, in the Court of Savathûn[3].


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