Disciples of the Witness

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Not kings. Not gods. Disciples. Prophets. Saviors serving existence. An undying purpose. A privilege.

The Disciples of the Witness are a group of entities that follow the aforementioned namesake. Little is known about these beings, only that they are immensely powerful wielders of the Darkness hailing from a variety of species and backgrounds, and are completely devoted to their leader's beliefs. One of them, Rhulk, was the master of his own Pyramid of the Black Fleet in Savathûn's Throne World, where he built a Dark City to serve as a breeding facility for Hive Worm larvae[1][2]. However, when Savathûn, the Witch Queen betrayed the Darkness, Rhulk was trapped in his ship and became the effective leader of the Scorn, calling on them to punish her for her betrayal[3].

More recently, Calus, the disgraced and exiled former emperor of the Cabal Empire, was anointed as the newest of the Witness' Disciples. Nezarec was also revealed to be or have been a Disciple of the Witness, potentially having been gifted by Rhulk in the distant past.

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