Disciples of the Witness

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"Not kings. Not gods. Disciples. Prophets. Saviors serving existence. An undying purpose. A privilege."
Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

The Disciples of the Witness are a powerful group of entities that follow the teachings of the Witness and command its forces of the Black Fleet. Little is known about these beings, only that they are immensely paracausal wielders of the Darkness hailing from a variety of species and backgrounds, are completely devoted to their leader's beliefs, and oppose the forces of The Coalition. One of them, Rhulk, controlled a Pyramid of the Black Fleet in the Court of Savathûn, where he built Harvest to serve as a breeding facility for Hive Worm larvae.[1][2] However, when Savathûn betrayed the Witness and gained the Light, Rhulk was trapped in his Pyramid and became the effective leader of the Scorn in the throne world, calling on them to punish Savathûn for her betrayal.[3]

More recently, Calus, the former Emperor of the Cabal, was anointed as the newest of the Witness' Disciples. Nezarec was also recently revealed to be a Disciple, having led the Black Fleet's first invasion of the Sol System during the Collapse.


The Disciples follow the leadership and teachings of the Witness, and are dedicated to its goal of bringing about the Final Shape. However, it appears that each of the Disciples have their own interpretation of what the Final Shape entails, and are permitted to act accordingly by the Witness. [4] An unnamed Disciple once privately wondered about this apparent contradiction with the Witness' philosophy, which seems to shun unnecessary proliferation and diversity, before coming to the conclusion that the Witness' plans would realize all of the Disciples' seemingly disparate visions of the Final Shape.

Known Disciples[edit]

Potential Disciples[edit]

There are many entities that have been considered by the Witness to be elevated into the rank of Disciple, notably Uun as well as the three Hive gods.

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