Dark Ether

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Dark Ether is a corrupted variant of Ether used and manufactured by the Scorn from Fikrul's body. Created when Riven granted Uldren's wish to resurrect a dead Fikrul by infusing Fikrul's Ether with Uldren's own Taken essence, this substance is the source of the Scorn's strange powers. Fikrul can use the substance to resurrect dead Eliksni and Scorn, including himself, while the Machinist can do the same from Ether Rituals. Raiders can turn themselves into clouds of Dark Ether to sneak past enemies and reform at a better vantage point.

Resurrected individuals appear to be able to survive without a head, as shown by Ravagers and Abominations. Repeated resurrections have a physical toll on the user, leading to the progressive formation of tumor-like growths and increasing mental derangement. Eventually, Eliksni who have undergone many resurrections will become Screebs, mindless, crawling Thrall-like monstrosities who throw themselves at enemies and self-destruct in a blast of Dark Ether. It lingers instead of dissipating like normal Ether, and is described by Variks as a fog-like gas that one moves through like water, heavy and opaque. And appears to cause damage to those lingering inside the Dark Ether overtime. Variks also says that it is a life-giving substance because it revives the dead Fallen while regular ether is a life-sustaining substance for the Fallen, Dark Ether has also been described to seek out empty vessels.

During Variks's early experiments with Dark Ether, the servitors he used to drain the Dark Ether from an imprisoned Fikrul malfunctioned and self-destruct violently, suggesting that elements within Dark Ether poison the mechanisms in the machines, leaving them shattered and lifeless.