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Variks, the Loyal
Biographical information

Other name(s):

The Warden
Variks, the Slip
Variks, the Beggar
Variks, the Kell-Maker
Variks, Less-Than-Dreg
VIP #1121
Variks, Kell of Judgement
Variks, Judgment Kell
Kell of Kells (formerly)
Eliksni Rebel
The Traitor (Eramis)
Variks, the Betrayer(Calus)







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Political and military information


House of Judgment
House of Wolves (formerly)
Reef (formerly)
Mara Sov (formerly)
House of Salvation (formerly)
House of Light (associate)





Notable info:

Former Keeper of the Prison of Elders
Last surviving member and Kell of the House of Judgement
One of the original Eliksni from Riis; those who remember the Whirlwind


"They call me betrayer. They do not think I hear the words. "Bug." "Insect." "Fallen." I hear. House of Judgment always hears. No choice. Has to. To keep Houses together. Had to."
— Variks, the Loyal

Variks, the Loyal is a Fallen Scribe and former Warden of the Prison of Elders. He is the last known surviving member of the House of Judgment. He is one of the few Eliksni who remained loyal after the Wolf Rebellion to the Queen of the Reef, acting as one of her advisors.[1] In Destiny Variks sold Fallen-themed items to Guardians.[2] Variks uses a modified servitor called The Warden to guard the Prison and communicate to Guardians. Variks later fled the Prison after the dissolution of his faith in the Reef. This was partly due to the loss of his Queen, Uldren's insanity, alienation from the Vanguard and a demoralizing discussion with Fikrul, the Fanatic, leading him to attempt to rally the Fallen as a new Kell of Kells representing House Judgment.[3]

His bid for Kell of Kells ultimately failed and Variks briefly joined Eramis and her House of Salvation on Europa. After she gained the powers of Stasis, Variks feared Eramis's loss of mercy, their original vision and inevitably her sanity. Eventually he defected after learning of her affiliation with the Darkness that caused the Whirlwind. He now cooperates with the Vanguard helping to coordinate the dismantling of Eramis' Fallen empire and evacuate like-minded Eliksni to the House of Light, in exchange for amnesty from the Reef.


The Whirlwind[edit]

"Our world died, Variks. Do you recall? We were absolutely powerless to stop it."
— Eramis to Variks
Variks overlooking the Traveler on his homeworld, Riis.

Variks is exceptionally old, even for the Eliksni. As a member of the House of Judgement since before the Whirlwind, he became the last known surviving member in its wake. Before the calamity, he had been a close friend of the artisan Athrys and her mate Eramis.[4] After the House of Judgement fell to ruin, Variks travelled with many Houses, forming many alliances, advising Kells, and worshipping Primes before eventually seeking refuge within the House of Wolves.

Whilst advising within the House of Wolves, Variks befriended an Archon Priest, Fikrul. The two conspired to hide the Wolves' Prime Servitor, Kaliks Prime after reaching Sol. Later, Fikrul betrayed Variks, and they separated on bitter terms.[5] [6]

The Reef Wars[edit]

"House Winter, attack. House Devils, plot. House Kings, plan. House Wolves, circle. House Judgement...wait. "
— Variks

Party to the plans for the Cybele Uprising under Skolas, Variks was unable to abide the desperate attack on Awoken civilians. Contacting the Crows, he helped put an end to the uprising and betrayed his former Kell, leading to Skolas's capture. It is likely that part of Variks's agenda was his hatred of Skolas, since he claims that he was responsible for the removal of his arms. From that day, Variks served the Queen of the Awoken. This was in part an effort to keep the House of Judgment and its ancient traditions alive, in the face of increasing degradation under Kell rule.[7]

The Wolf Rebellion[edit]

Hunting the Wolves[edit]

"It is good to work with you, with Petra. All that are Fallen are not lost, yes?"
— Variks to the Guardian

After the Queen provided aid to a Guardian of the Last City, by helping them find the Black Garden, the Guardian agreed to return the favor in a time of need. Soon after, the House of Wolves who had proclaimed loyalty to the Queen rebelled following the mysterious return of their previous Kell, Skolas. Calling upon the Guardian, the Vanguard was granted access to the Vestian Outpost to enact vengeance upon the Fallen traitors. Variks was introduced to the Guardian here as a Fallen loyal to the Queen and Warden of the Awoken's Prison of Elders. In addition to a formal Eliksni greeting he asked the Guardian to put in a good word for him to Petra Venj.[8] Variks quickly learned from his sources among the Fallen that Skolas in charge of the rebellion. Meeting with the Queen and Petra, Variks informed them of his findings. Petra believed Skolas's return was impossible, but Variks noted it mattered little if it was really him, as the Wolves feared the name and would rise against the Queen for their prior loyalties. He was then ordered by the Queen to continue questioning his contacts to find information on Skolas's possible whereabouts.[9] Tracking the Wolf Kell to Venus, the Guardian learned he sought to bring the House of Winter under his control. Working with Petra and the Guardian, Variks provided information for them as they tracked Skolas. When they overheard him making a speech to the House of Winter, Variks translated his words and learned that Skolas had proclaimed himself Kell of Kells. He explained that it was an old prophecy proclaiming that one chosen Eliksni would lead all the Houses to victory and that his enemies would either "flee or fall" before him. Variks speculated that Skolas either saw himself as a prophet or had gone mad. Skolas escaped Venus, and managed to bring a sizeable portion of the House of Winter with him.[10]

To track Skolas and the Wolves' movements, Variks and Petra had the Guardian bring him shiplinks carried by Vandals on Venus. Variks was unable to locate Skolas with the shiplinks, but was able to track The Silent Fang, an elite group of Fallen assassins, to Earth.[11] Providing advice to the Guardian over the comms once again, Variks noted that the House of Devils had also intercepted the Wolves' communications and had laid traps to prepare for them. In addition, the pair learned that the Silent Fang must have been sent to Earth to convert the House of Devils to Skolas's cause. The Guardian finally located the Silent Fang and was immediately insulted by their commander, Variks began to provide a translation, before thinking better of it.[12]

With the Devils denied to Skolas, Variks and the others turned their attention to ensuring the would-be Kell of Kells did not forge an alliance with the House of Kings. Having learned of a meeting between Barons of both Houses in the Cosmodrome, Variks and Petra once again served as guides for the Guardian; however, the Wolves used their High Servitors to jam communication signals. Variks recognized the trick and bypassed it, allowing him to continue communicating with the Guardian. As he directed them to destroy the High Servitors, Variks explained some of his history to the Guardian, including how he was disgusted by Skolas' brutality. He also informed them he liked working with the Guardian and Petra. Once the Servitors were destroyed, Petra rejoined the comms and Variks noted that the Kings would be able to detect the Wolves as well. Variks warned the Guardian that the Fallen of the House of Kings would not care that they were attempting to stop Skolas and would kill them just the same.[13] Although the Guardian was successful in stopping the meeting and defeating the Barons, Variks was left to wonder about Skolas' chance of succeeding in becoming Kell of Kells and capturing the Traveler. He considered that he may have chosen the wrong side and whether it was too late to rejoin the Wolves, Petra interrupted his thoughts with a report that the Wolves were infiltrating Vex networks on Venus.[14] When the Guardian returned to the Vestian Outpost, Variks rewarded them with a Royal Amethyst from the Queen's vaults.[8]

Ending the Rebellion[edit]

"Things simple now, yes? We find Skolas, we put an end to Kell of Kells. Or... Wolves put an end to us."
— Variks

With the Guardian heading to Venus to stop Skolas' attempt to infiltrate the Vex network, Variks was questioned by Petra on the presence of any more Fallen Houses that Skolas could attempt to recruit. He dismissed the House of Exile, declaring they followed no Kell or Archon, so Petra suggested the House of Rain from whom the prophecies of the Kell of Kells originated. Variks explained to her that the House of Rain was destroyed in the Whirlwind and only he kept their prophecies alive. He also noted that Skolas was the first to have declared themselves Kell of Kells and in reality House Judgment arbitration was the closest to peace the Fallen had ever known. Petra joked that maybe that meant Variks was the Kell of Kells, but he became distracted by new reports of Skolas appearing on Venus.[15] They discovered that Skolas' forces had breached the Vault of Glass, and Variks panicked when he realized that they were attempting to tap into the Vex Oracles and quickly directed the Guardian to destroy them. Although the Guardian was successful, Variks and Petra both agreed that they needed to end their hunt for Skolas quickly before he gained access to Vex technology that could end them all.[16]

They tracked Skolas to The Citadel, a massive Vex fortress at the heart of the Ishtar Sink. As the Guardian raced to stop him, Variks and Petra speculated on what Skolas wanted with Vex technology. Variks considered that with Vex time travel, Skolas may believe he could force the Kell of Kells prophecy. When the Guardian ascended the Citadel, Variks commented that he had stood with Skolas for most of the Reef Wars, but now it felt right that the Guardian and Petra would stand in judgment of Skolas. Here they discovered that Skolas was using the Vex warp gates at the top of the Citadel to pull the entire, unscathed House of Wolves through time to him, granting him an unending army should he succeed. Finally the Guardian faced Skolas, Variks translated the Kell's boast, describing his theft of the secrets of time and space with the confirmation that the House of Wolves would reign forever. After the Wolves' defeat, a fleet of Awoken ships arrive with Petra to capture and imprison Skolas once again within the Prison of Elders.[17]

As Skolas was transported to the Prison of Elders, Variks went to his quarters to reflect on the Wolf Rebellion. He carved an amethyst with a dull shock dagger while listening to pre-Whirlwind music. Variks thought he should be pleased with the capture of Skolas due to the threat his madness represented, but was not, and instead felt like an ashamed Dreg for betraying his people. He knew, however, that working for Queen Mara was the only way to keep himself alive and that he would betray Skolas again and again if it meant his survival.[18]

When the Guardian returned to the Reef, Variks was pleased to have worked with them, passing swift judgment upon Skolas. He granted them a Treasure Key to the Prison of Elders and invited the Guardian to challenge the prisoners within for rewards.[8]

The Taken War[edit]

"House Wolves tactics... bad tactics. Fight Cabal? (laughs) Could not find new Kell because there is no Kell. House Wolves follows a new god, a Servitor, a Prime. This is a pilgrimage, Guardian. And for faith, they will stop at nothing."
— Variks.[19]

The House of Wolves reemerged from hiding, rallying under Keldar, Archon Priest and the rebuilt Orbiks Prime, the Wolves' prior 'machine god'. Orbiks Prime attempted to reassemble the House on Mars, directing its servants to seize Cabal outposts already weakened by the Taken invasion.[20] Thanks to intel provided by Variks, the Loyal, the Guardians hunted down Keldar and Orbiks, destroying the Prime Servitor and killing their Archon. This left the Wolves broken and leaderless once more.[21] Upon reflection of the events, Variks agreed with Skolas that only the Kell of Kells can unite all the Houses.

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Awoken fleet and the presumed death of Queen Mara Sov, Variks was given control of the Crows since their prior Master, Uldren Sov, was also believed dead. Variks began to utilise the Crows, in secret, to find the real Kell of Kells in order to save his species from extinction.[22]

Master of Crows[edit]

"Must be a better way for Eliksni. Must be a way to stop the Fall."
— Variks, during the SIVA Crisis[23]

Variks observed the SIVA Crisis in the Plaguelands on Earth from afar, utilizing the Crows. One of his agents brought him an image of Sepiks Prime reborn as Sepiks Perfected by the Devil Splicers using SIVA. He noted this was the result of a Golden Age project, with the Devil Splicers using the technological advancements the Traveler gave to Humanity. Variks complimented the young Crow on her work before instructing her to speak with the other Crows and learn more of the Devil Splicers' plans. Once she left, Variks allowed himself to feel the full horror of what the Splicers had done to Sepiks. He contemplated once more if he could have stopped his people from using such dangerous technology had he remained among them and found a better way to survive. Variks resolved to find a way to prevent his people from falling any further.[23]

Months later during The Dawning, Variks intercepted chatter about an impending alliance between the weakened Devil Splicers and the leaderless crew of the mercenary Taniks, the Scarred. He discovered that the Devils Splicers used SIVA to resurrect their infamous leader as Taniks Perfected to cement their alliance. Variks relayed his findings to the Vanguard, leading to a Strike that ended the resurrected Taniks. This once again left the Splicers and Taniks's crew leaderless and in a severely weakened state.[24]

Red War[edit]

Variks observing the Red Legion's arrival.

During the opening invasion of the Red War, Variks watched from the Prison of Elders as the Red Legion cut a swath into the Solar System. He sent warnings to Petra and The Last City of the fleet, but was unable to do so due to the meddling of The Nine. He also sent a warning to the Fallen hoping to save what was left of his people. Due to the Cabal's destruction of the Tower and therefore the defensive capabilities of the City, Variks was able to use his visual sensors to see the destruction first hand. The Eliksni Warden watched in horror as the Traveler was trapped within the Traveler Cage,. [25]

After the Red War[edit]

"Reefborn are close to doom, Zavala the Awoken. Fallen, Taken, Red Legion. All carve at the Reef. All claim its flesh."
— Variks pleading with Zavala

Due to the Red War, Variks was forced to ration his Ether intake.[26][27]

Variks had been tasked with integrating a new group of Fallen that Petra, Cayde-6, and five of his associates[28] had been bringing into the Prison. They had the markings of the Scorned Barons, led by Variks's heretical former friend, Fikrul.[6] He had all of the Barons, except for Fikrul, locked in cells and cryopods. Variks had heard from Cayde that he'd shot Fikrul dead through the chest.[27]

In an effort to reunite his people in light of the Traveler's apparent neglect of them after awakening, Variks contracted the help of a bounty hunter named Groks to make contact with Craask, the Kell of Kings. Variks believed that Craask would understand his mission alongside the rest of the Kings, who previously ended the Edge Wars with the House of Judgement before the Whirlwind. However, Groks divulged that Craask had been killed by Fikrul and an Awoken man, and that the House of Kings has gone into hiding in the European Dead Zone of Earth.[29] Alarmed, Variks contacted Cayde-6 to meet in person within the territory of the Spider in the Tangled Shore. Wearing a cloak devoid of the Judgement sigil to avoid aggression from others hosted by the Spider, Variks met Cayde in a gambling hall, explaining that Fikrul had been seen alive. When the Exo doubted him, Variks presented examples of Fallen cheating death in the past, inadvertently mentioning Taniks, the Scarred, angering Cayde. Variks apologized and asked to be taken to the Tower to speak with Commander Zavala, offering a rare hand cannon in return. Cayde agreed and returned to the Tower with Variks.[27]

When Variks met with Zavala, he offered to exchange information for assistance to the Reef. Zavala told Variks that he already offered to help the Reef in the past, which was turned down by Petra. Undeterred, Variks explained that he had much to say to the Vanguard Commander.[30]


Sometime later, Variks had a dream of being in Unknown Space. A voice, potentially a member of the Nine, told Variks that he had failed and that the Traveler was a dark mirror. The voice explained that Unknown Space was a place where everything died and began anew.[5] Whether this means Variks had visited Unknown Space before then isn't known, however this could represent his potential chance to begin his race's renaissance or rebirth.

The Mad Prince & Heretic Archon[edit]

"He is changed. His eyes… If he speaks, don't listen. He speaks lies. Terrible lies."
— Petra to Variks about Uldren

Variks was awoken from his dream by an alarm and Petra informing him over comms that Cayde-6 had returned to the Prison of Elders, requesting that two cells be readied for intake. Believing that Cayde had returned with the Fikrul, as previously agreed, Variks consumed a large amount of Ether for strength and moved to the maximum-security wing to prepare two cryo-cells. He watched as Petra shoved a weak Fikrul into one of the cells and Cayde arrived after with a humanoid bag wrapped around his head. Cayde removed the bag and tossed the humanoid into the other cell, revealing his identity as Uldren Sov.[31] A confused Variks questioned Petra, who explained the Prince's state of insanity and that no one else should be allowed into the cellblock. As Petra and Cayde left, Variks reopened Uldren's cell and approached him reassuringly.[32] He was immediately pulled from the cell by the alarming sound of exploding Servitors; investigating, Variks discovered that the machines that had been extracting Ether from Fikrul were broken due to a mutation in the Archon's Ether.[33]

As Variks and Petra were the only ones allowed in the cellblock, menial duties such as meal distribution and waste disposal fell to Variks personally, leaving him little time to dedicate towards his goal of reuniting the Eliksni.[34]

Judgement & Loyalty Wavering[edit]

"Your Kell lives. Do you know where your TRUE loyalty lies, Variks?"
— Uldren to Variks

Variks had been contemplating his next action, with the imprisonment of Uldren as well as his talks with the delusional Prince, and the Scorn Archon Fikrul, he began to doubt himself and his duties. Uldren had been assumed dead and his dark reappearance wasn't a part of the schemes that his Kell, Queen Mara Sov, had left for him and the few she had trusted to have knowledge on her plan[34][35]. His confusing dream before Cayde brought Uldren and Fikrul to the prison, gnawed at his mind [5] and only added to his growing doubt, however it wasn't until days later that he made a decision.

Day of Prison Break & Disappearance[edit]

""Nowhere else to go. No one else to be, here." He drew himself up to his full height. "And so I become Variks, the Kell. House Judgment envoy to the Eliksni people.""
— Variks' last transmission before disappearing

His decision was made, Variks did his usual routines which he deemed his last as Warden of the Prison. On the day of the Prison Break, he ran simulations on the security systems and made adjustments based on the simulation's results. He did everything he normally did, except he had one last talk with his Servitor, Fikrul and Uldren. Finally, at the end of his normal routine he began the Prison Break. Variks sent a message through the speakers announcing a malfunction in the security system and began a shutdown and reboot, which resulted in all the prison cells and cryopods opening. As the prison cells opened, Variks made his way through the secret passageway that Petra and Cayde used to smuggle in Fikrul and Uldren. The Warden recorded two messages to be sent through the prison's relay. The first message he recorded with his synth voice device deactivated, therefore in his native tongue, High Speak, a message to those Eliksni who remembered and would answer the call of House Judgement. The second message he recorded was spoken with his synth device activated, therefore understandable by anyone, regarding his notoriety, reputation and planned ascension to the Kell of House Judgement, an envoy for the Eliksni. He boarded a ship full of the prison's ether supply and accompanied by a Vandal wearing colors of the House of Wolves.[35]

Following that, he declared himself as the prophesied Kell of Kells and fled beyond Awoken territory. Much to the chagrin of the Hidden, who demanded the arrest of the wayward Eliksni, Petra Venj claimed jurisdiction over him and denied.[36]

Almost a year later, the Hidden received reports of Variks on Niflheim with a Fallen faction led by former House of Devils loyalist Eramis, the Shipstealer, though it was unclear as to whether he was working with or imprisoned by her.[37]

Beyond Light[edit]

"You do not trust Variks, yes? But leave your distrust, your blame, for later. The Eliksni who attacked me — she is Eramis, the Shipstealer. [...] If she is not stopped, she will destroy us all."
— Variks to the Guardian

Upon fleeing the Reef, Variks became an uneasy ally of Eramis. They built an Eliksni society on Europa mirroring their pre-Whirlwind existence and even went as far as naming the city, Riis Reborn. Slowly, Eramis lost sight of their original ideal as she became transfixed with a dark artifact she had found upon the Jovian Moon. When Variks realised Eramis had become obsessed with the power of Darkness, he stole her Splinter of Darkness and escaped to the frozen wastes, hoping to use a Golden Age outpost to send a transmission for help. Quickly captured by Eramis and half-frozen, Variks begged his former ally for his life before being saved by the Guardian. Once freed from the ice, he became an ally against House Salvation in the Beyond Light campaign. Cooperating with the Vanguard and coordinating the hunts on the council of Eramis' Fallen empire, Variks has avoided civil judgement from the Reef and the Vanguard.

He has been noted reaching out to Mithrax, Kell of Light about the House of Light needing a Scribe. Later, he contradicts this denying the young Kell's invite to join House Light. Despite that, he is still helping evacuate refugees from Europa and directing them to Mithrax.

Personality and traits[edit]

Variks wishes to see the Fallen restored to lawful, peaceful rule. He harbors some lingering jealousy for the other races, especially humanity, as the Traveler had chosen them for its patronage and left the Fallen with nothing. Despite this opaque behavior towards the Guardians, Variks respects them by his reciprocal ethic of honor, bravery and sacrifice which he would revise for his brethren.[38]

While serving under the Queen, Variks was known for speaking in rather broken English, "accented" with clicks and growls. According to The Spider, this was largely an act, put on by Variks to disarm his human and Awoken collaborators and cause them to underestimate him.

In Beyond Light, it is revealed that all Variks wanted was another chance for the Eliksni to live in peace and was willing to work with a former bitter enemy, Eramis, to achieve it. Further, while he regrets the role he played in Cayde-6's death, he believed he had to make a hard decision for his people. Although he dared to hope that Eramis would lead the Eliksni to a brighter future, he was ultimately disappointed and saddened that she allowed her hatred to poison her good intentions and gain power from the Darkness. Though the Vanguard would not drop their civil judgement of Variks for his role in the Scorn Breakout and Cayde's death, they agreed to aid him in combating the greater threat in the meantime. Variks continues to worry for his kind as he aids refugee Fallen who wish to escape from Eramis and is happy that some would find safety in the House of Light. He continues to hold onto the hope that Riis-Reborn would be the new home it was meant to be for the Fallen and that one day, the Eliksni could live peacefully with the Guardians.


Prison of Elders rewards[edit]

Rotates Weekly based around the lockout period.

Rank Item
1 Class Items (1 Token of Judgment), Special Ammo Synthesis (1 ether seed, 100 glimmer)
2 Devil's Due BKR (Ship, 1 Token of Flight), Kingslayer BKR (Ship, 1 Token of Flight, Coldsnap BKR (Ship, 1 Token of Flight)
3 Kingswind (Shader, 1 Token of Identity)

Class items[edit]


Main article: Variks/Quotes for full quotes

Vestian Outpost quotes[edit]

  • "What do you know...of the Nine, Guardian?"
  • "The Eliksni call you fierce killer, taker of great ships!"
  • "I took this staff long ago from Devil Captain Vajis, called Cle-ver-head-ed. He wasn't as clever as Variks."
  • "You look ready to fight today."
  • "Fallen, you call us. But we are Eliksni."
  • "For the House of Judgment!"
  • "You call us Fallen, an unflattering name."
  • "You call us the Fallen, but I am Variks of House Judgement."
  • "You are going back to Earth now? Will you tell the City about Variks, friend?"
  • "Tell me about your City, Guardian."
  • "Did you come here for secrets, or stories?"
  • "You all look the same sometimes, but your smell I know."
  • "Send me your ship. I need the parts."
  • "Are you going to your ship now? Where did you leave it? Is it in good condition?"
  • "My service to the Queen is… com-pli-cated, Guardian."
  • "We were great long ago… and strong, my House."
  • "I assure, what you're hearing of me are lies."
  • "Come below the Prison."
  • "I'll show you a good fight. Keep you strong and quick."
  • "Come here… come quiet."
  • "Are you fighting today?"
  • "Come, Killer of Wolves."
  • "I shall help you."
  • "Do you see how I help you?"
  • "I help you, help me?"
  • "You look ready to fight today?"
  • "You bested Skolas. What follows?"
  • "Many fights await you."
  • "You are the greatest of warriors."
  • "You are welcome, among my House."
  • "I am of House Judgement, Guardian."
  • "We are friends now."
  • "Good, good."
  • "Come here. I would have your scent."
  • "Ah, I know you. I know your… smell."
  • "Sssssh, come here."
  • (unintelligible chattering, like a growl)
  • "We are friends, yes, Guardian? Give me your Ghost."
  • "Little Ghost… come out, come out…"
  • "What does Petra need now?"
  • "Did a Crow send you? Or Petra? That prince Uldren?"
  • "Does the Great Machine speak to you, as it did to me?"
  • "Listen long enough and you will hear stories of great Eliksni heroes. When the Great Machine was still with us."
  • "Come here. What do you know of House Wolves?"
  • "Are you looking for the Prison, Guardian?"
  • "Not fighting today? Weak? Scared?"
  • "I am loyal to the Queen, all else you've heard of me are lies."
  • "I was a Judgement scribe long ago. I had much respect."
  • "Be cautious about the Wolves up there, hiding."
  • "You put on a good show for us, Guardian."
  • "You and I friends, yes? I admire your ship…"
  • "You're looking for Variks? You found Variks."
  • "We captured a terrible Hive beast. Caught it in the Dark. Even I don't know what it is."
  • "Just you? You need two friends. Strong ones."
  • "You work for me and I help you."
  • "We make a good team, no? I find Skolas, you fight Skolas. Tell Cayde he's no longer of use for Variks."
  • "You caught Skolas. You brought him to Judgement. You are my friend and you can stand there if you want."
  • "We catch all who seek to harm the Queen. You have the Crucible. We have Variks."
  • "Are you staring at my arms, Guardian? Where Skolas cut me? Look away."
  • "Tell me more of your Crucible. How you fight in the name of the Great Machine."
  • "One day soon I'll tell you the story of how our world ended. I'll tell you the story of the Great Machine."
  • "Tell me about about the City below the Tower."
  • "Do you think the Great Machine has noticed what we did? Will it speak to me again? Tell me where the great Eliksni have gone?"
  • "You watch me, I watch you."
  • "All these Guardians here. Maybe I'll catch a Ghost and take it apart."
  • "You! Machine! What chamber holds the new Cabal?"
  • "He's been back to the Scatter. Tell the Queen, she must keep me safe."
  • "And now we have Eramis, the Shipstealer, Baroness of Devils."
  • "Tell the Queen I have news of Skolas."
  • "Skolas once told me to stand still. Then he cut off my arms." (some dialogue lost)
  • "You think you hate Wolves? I promise my hate is sharper."
  • "Someone is looking for Variks, someone has questions."
  • "Be sure to send word to the Queen."
  • "Increase the ether feed to the Archon. He's been quite entertaining."
  • "Why does the Queen hate you so? To make you watch Variks with such... vigilance."
  • "You've traveled far from your Light, Guardian."
  • "Do you want to know about the shape stealers? The wars for the Great Machine?"
  • "You like my things?"
  • "You work for me. And I will help you."
  • "You tell Variks if you find Skolas. You tell Variks first."

Prison of Elders quotes[edit]

General Dialogue

  • "Fight. Kill. Survive."
  • "Fight. Win. Live."
  • "Impress me, yes? Fight and win!"
  • "Impress me, yes?"
  • "Prepare."
  • "Prepare for combat."

After Introducing an Enemy

  • "They will want to kill you. Kill them back."
  • "They will try to kill you. Kill them back."
  • "Kill them dead, Guardian."

After Round is Complete

  • "Return/Retreat to airlock, Guardian..."
  • "Go back to airlock, yes?"

When sending a Heavy Ammo crate or Scorch Cannon

  • "Incoming..."

Announcing New Wave

  • "Reinforcements. Ready for combat."
  • "Reinforcements are coming."
  • "Incoming."
  • "Enemies advance."
  • "More enemies, Guardian."
  • "Be ready. More enemies on the way."
  • "More enemies have been unleashed."

Announcing Important Objective

  • "Dismantle mines, yes? Or... you die..."
  • "Mines must be dismantled. Or death."
  • "Intercept important target. Or, you die."

After Important Objective

  • "Success, Guardian, success."
  • "Success. You have done it."

Announcing Round

  • "Fallen of the Wolf Banner march to war..."
  • "You face Fallen pirate scum."
  • "Hive spawn claw their way towards your Light."
  • "Bonewalkers of the Hive await."
  • "Hive, creatures of the Darkness, arise."
  • "Foot soldiers of the Cabal rise to the challenge."
  • "Warbeasts of the Cabal await."
  • "Time lost Vex arise."
  • "Vex incursion. Meld of mind and machine".
  • "Servants of Oryx unleashed!"
  • "Taken come, want your Light."
  • "Taken advance on your position."
  • "A servant of Oryx hungers for your Light."
  • "Taken approach, beware."[note 1]

Introducing Generic Bosses

  • "Urrox the Flame Prince, scion of Oryx."
  • "Valus Trau'ug, Cabal Juggernaut."
  • "Cabal strategist Val Aru'un."
  • "The Wretched Knight. Dark blade of the Hive."
  • "The Overmind Minotaur."
  • "Pilot Servitor of a war-wracked Fallen Ketch."

Introducing Challenge of the Elders' Bosses[note 2]

After each Round

  • "Victory. Well earned."
  • "Your victory tells the tale."
  • "Enemies die. You live. Well done."
  • "They are dead. You are not."

End of Prison of Elders

  • "Taste victory. It is sweet. You have won."
  • "You fought, you won. Your treasure awaits."

Shadow Thief quotes[edit]

  • "Taniks has no House. He kneels before no banner, owes allegiance to no Kell. He is a murderer, and very good at what he does. I have been tracking him since Wolves broke their chains, yes? Now Taniks works for Wolf pack, but not for long..."
  • "Taniks has been sent to plunder the Hive. Your job, just as simple: Avenge the dead. Stop him from stealing the Dark."
  • "Taniks sees you not as an enemy—you are a trophy to collect."
  • "Watch yourself. Taniks is no common mercenary. He fights to fulfill a contract and hone his combat skill for... fun."
  • "Be cautious as you confront him. He will to try trick you. Fight. Win"
  • "I remember Taniks from the Reef Wars. Many Awoken dead. Clever, clever creature."
  • "Lift field distortion! Ketch just above you!"
  • "Taniks has called you out, Guardian... You are challenged in the ways of old...Fight well Guardian, fight... for honor."
  • "Notorious mercenary dead. No small matter. You will be rewarded treasure from the Queen. And my respect, as well."

Wolves of Mars quotes[edit]

  • "Reef different now. Petra mauled by grief, loss of her Queen. Same for House Wolves. Banner is torn, Kell is dead. And so they seek at cave to call home."
  • "Fallen Houses must hunt, prowl, scavenge, defend. House Devils has Earth. House Winter has Venus. And now Wolves claim Mars. Cabal will not be pleased."
  • "As do I. Wolves here broken, but still more remain."
  • "Was looking, searching for new Wolf Kell. Could not find one. Could not understand House Wolves tactics... bad tactics. Fight Cabal? (laughs) Could not find new Kell because there is no Kell. House Wolves follows a new god, a Servitor, a Prime. This is a pilgrimage, Guardian. And for faith, they will stop at nothing."
  • "Guardian, they have rebuilt Prime. House Wolves machine god of old. Destroy it. Destroy it fast!"
  • "Prime is dead. House Wolves will scatter. With no god, no Kell, House is broken once again. Hopefully this time, for good."

Lost to Light quotes (Daily Heroic only)[edit]

  • "Guardian, this is Variks. Detected signal. Detected you. Ketch out of Fallen hands. Watch your back."
  • "Taken will not rest. Will claim every house. Consume every banner. You must stand, Guardian, yes? Or all shall fall."

Beyond Light quotes[edit]

  • "What have you seen out there? Look beyond the frozen wasteland... Europa is a place of many mysteries... Do not lose your way... We all come to this moon looking for answers. What do you hope to find?"
  • "My friends. We are in great danger. Earth, the Great Machine, Eliksni… and Human. Darkness walks among us, we are all in great danger. My kind must survive. Please… send help… There is not much time."
  • " Wait! Eramis… Old friend… These powers… they create chaos. They are changing you. This…"
  • "I have seen what power has done to Eramis, but perhaps you are different... perhaps there is hope."
  • "Ours was a world of prosperity and peace. Not unlike your Golden Age. We worshipped the Great Machine. But fate intervened. With it, came a whirlwind of destruction. In the chaos, the Great Machine fled… abandoning us all. Eramis, like most, was consumed by rage. In the wake of loss, Eramis rebuilt a life. Found new family, one forged from anger. Eramis saw only destruction of that which abandoned us. Variks fears for Eliksni lives. At the command of Eramis, they will meet their end. We all do. We must all make choices. Eramis chose herself over her people. If Eramis is to succeed, the Great Machine and all who follow it… will meet their end. In Darkness, there is only one truth… death."
  • " [insect-like chattering]"

Charon's Crossing, Europa (Season of the Chosen) [39][edit]

  • "Cabal… graceless, ugly creatures. They answer every question with war."
  • "First Vex, now Cabal… picking at the failures of Eliksni ambition."
  • "[wheezes] Cabal swarm this place, searching for glory, yes? But there is nothing for them here."


  • Variks is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker who voiced The Gravemind in the Halo series.
  • He will sometimes refer to other Fallen as "pirate scum."
  • His upper arms are artificial; this is the reverse of normal Fallen practice, to amputate the lower two arms on Dregs.
    • This could mean that Skolas wanted to make Variks a rank lower than even that of Dreg.
  • He is the first Fallen observed fluently speaking the human language. His voice still has a distinct growl characteristic of a Fallen.
    • Though he speaks English in a broken manner, The Spider claims that Variks can actually speak it fluently but chooses not to so he can appear more harmless to the Awoken and possibly to the Guardians. However, there is no further evidence beyond The Spider's word to suggest this is true.
  • Variks likely had contact with Cayde-6 concerning Prison of Elders inmates. Both mention knowing each other, most likely through the bounty placed on the escaped prisoner Aksor, Archon Priest.
    • This is also likely because of the Scorn prisoners which Cayde and Petra brought in.
  • Variks is the first Kell to not be a Captain in rank, but instead a Vandal



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