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Fear's Embrace


Knock, Knock

A New Den
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The Taken King




Meridian Bay, Mars


Find the House of Wolves new Den and destroy it

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A New Den is a Story mission in Destiny The Taken King. It takes place in the Meridian Bay during the The Wolves of Mars questline.[1]


  • Reach the Cabal Base
  • Slay the Base Commander
  • Track the House of Wolves


{Loading screen}


The Guardian lands in the Valley of the Kings, and heads upward.

The Guardian arrives at the Trenchworks, where a lone Colossus sits, guarded by a small amount of Phalanxes. The Guardian uses the environment to their advantage and takes out the Major. Suddenly, a battalion of Cabal appear over the horizon, all heading toward the Guardian.

  • PETRA VENJ: Guardian, stop! I'm reading a large platoon of Cabal soldiers just over that ridge!

The Guardian patiently kills the incoming group, and continues onward.

  • VARIKS: Welcome to the front, Petra. You... are well?
  • PETRA: Well enough... Guardian, you are more or less clear to the base entrance. Stay alert. The legion is mobilizing all across the planet's surface.

The Guardian heads inside towards the Iron Line.

  • VARIKS: You are close. They will have your scent now. Be wary.

They reach the main hallway, which is surrounded by Fallen.

  • PETRA: There! Clear them out. You can't let them take that base!

Seeking out their thickest patches of resistance, the Guardian attacks and wipes out the Fallen invaders, including Dregs, Vandals, Stealth Vandals, and Captains. The Line is clear.

  • PETRA: Very nice, Guardian. (solemnly) And... thank you for giving me something else to think about. She never would've said it out loud, but... the Queen respected you a great deal.
  • VARIKS: As do I. Wolves here broken, but still more remain. Will continue to track and look for signs of new leader... new Kell.

{Mission ends}


Cabal - Siege Dancers[edit]

Fallen - House of Wolves[edit]


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