The Taken War: Mars

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The Taken War: Earth and The Taken War: Venus

The Taken War: Mars
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The Taken King

Quest Giver:



How to unlock[edit]

It is obtained from Zavala after completing the questlines The Taken War: Earth and The Taken War: Venus.

Quest Steps[edit]

Quest Step Name Quote Objectives Rewards
1 Tenebrous Tunnels
"We only have a rough idea of where the Blight on Mars originates. Whatever its source, it is particularly tenacious. The Taken on Mars act with one terrible cunning, one will. And they know what they want."
— Zavala
Seek out the source of the Taken blight on Mars.
  • Legendary Marks
  • Vanguard Reputation
  • Experience
2 Talk to Zavala
"When I think Taken and Mars, I get flashes of that first day on Phobos. We've learned a lot in a short amount of time, haven't we? Horrible, horrible learning. That we can't unlearn, now."
— Ghost
Speak to Zavala in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.
3 Kill Taken Lieutenants
"You spend enough time on the frontier, you start to play favorites. Mine is Mars. The Cabal have all the smarts of a Tower Frame with its mem-cortex unplugged. Easiest patrol in the system."
— The late J.D. Cao.
Defeat 6 Taken Lieutenants in Meridian Bay, Mars.
  • Vanguard Reputation
  • Experience
4 Talk to Zavala
"Commander, we're getting a signal. Strong, stronger than any other Cabal signal we've heard before. It's coming from…Phobos. What's your order, sir? Should we scramble a Guardian?"
— Tower frame in the Hall of Guardians, just before the Phobos incident
Speak to Zavala in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.
5 Fear's Embrace
"We managed to land a few Guardians on Phobos since your first mission, but none have managed to fully explore the base. The Taken there seem to have re-armed some of the Cabal defenses. Be cautious."
— Zavala
Return to the base on Phobos. Destroy the blighted source on Mars.
  • Primary Weapon Upgrade
  • Legendary Marks
  • Vanguard Reputation
  • Experience
6 Talk to Zavala
"Phobos has been a Skyburners fleet asset since the Cabal entered the system. In the years after the Collapse, the City had no way to contest any entrenchment from the armed and supplied legion. Never would have thought the base would fall the way it did."
— Hidden report
Speak to Zavala in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.

Primary Weapon Upgrade