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Skyburner Keep, Phobos


Remove the Taken Blights on Phobos

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Fear's Embrace is a Story mission in Destiny The Taken King. It takes place in the Skyburner Keep on Phobos and is the second and final mission in the The Taken War quest line on Mars.[1]


  • Pursue the Echo
  • Destroy the Taken
  • Destroy the Echo


{Loading screen}

  • COMMANDER ZAVALA: The assault on Phobos was the opening salvo in this war. We believe now it was a trial, the first full-scale use of Taken power in the system. The Warlocks see it as a place of power. The Echo must as well.


  • ZAVALA: I see this Echo as a strategist. It moved to capture the Black Garden, now a push on Phobos. End it, Guardian.

The Guardian lands in the Aerodrome, starting where they previously escaped. The area is completely overwhelmed by Taken. Blights and portals completely cover the ground floor. The Guardian battles their way through the numerous forces and leaps across the gap in the bridge. A crashed Harvester offers a way up to the top floor of the dock. Dodging concussive mines and Taken Phalanxes along the way, the Guardian finally makes in inside.

  • GHOST: We're back. This war against the Taken began here--let's end it here.

As they return to the Skyburner Keep, the Guardian is ambushed by Taken Centurions, Thrall and Wizards. They are all eliminated as the Guardian moves on, entering the room where the Taken first invaded.

  • GHOST: Guardian, this room is crawling with blight. And I'm detecting poison gas in the vents. (casually) Oh, and... the Cabal flame jets are primed to fire. (sarcastically) So... yes. You've got this... you.

Taken Centurions, Goblins and Hobgoblins fill the room, and the Guardian clears them out. A single probe sits in the center, among a sea of concussive mines. The Guardian touches the probe, and with a loud bang, it disappears. A shape takes form in the center, and the room is suddenly flanked on all sides with shadow blights, spawning leagues of Taken. An Echo appears in the middle, and the battle begins.

Constantly surrounded by all forms of Taken, the Guardian fights the Echo and its reinforcements, despite heavy burns from Cabal fire jets. As the Echo takes more damage, the bottom of the chamber starts to fill with poison gas, threatening the Guardian's life even further. However, despite the seemingly impossible odds, the Guardian finally kills the Echo, and the Taken Blight is lifted.

  • ZAVALA: Your first mission to Phobos ended with a flight for freedom. Now, you leave that moon with a decisive victory over the Taken.

{Mission ends}




  • Zavala seems to consider the Echoes as independent vestiges of Oryx instead of direct vessels of his will.



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