The Taken War: Venus

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A Cry of Help


The Taken War: Mars

The Taken War: Earth
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The Taken King

Quest giver:

Ikora Rey


How to unlock[edit]

It is obtained from Ikora Rey after completing A Cry for Help.

Quest steps[edit]

Quest Step Name Quote Objectives Rewards
1 Paradox
"The Vault of Glass. A wound in time, a landmark to the Guardians. Only a legend such as you would be up to the challenge."
— Ikora Rey
Investigate the signal coming from the Vault of Glass.
  • Legendary Marks
  • Vanguard Reputation
  • Experience
2 Talk to Ikora
"The Vault of Glass is unique in all of the solar system. My scans indicate that other realities brush up against our own within the confines of the vault. So maybe you could even say it's unique in all the universes? The Vex are confusing."
— Ghost
Speak to Ikora Rey in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.
3 Gather Taken Chronoshards
"What exactly Oryx does to those he takes, we still do not fully understand it. To have a chance of finding the source of Taken on Venus, we must learn more."
— Ikora Rey
Gather Chronoshards from Taken Vex while patrolling Venus
  • Vanguard Reputation
  • Experience
4 Talk to Ikora
"You don't have to worry about it. Just information for you. But these chronoshard things are buzzing in a frequency echoing a few minutes forward and backwards in time."
— Ghost
Speak to Ikora Rey in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.
5 Entropy's Pinnacle
"The blight of Oryx has touched the heart of our worlds. From the depths of the Cosmodrome to the apex of the Vex Citadel, Taken claw at the Light. Seek out the source at the top of the Citadel, and end the Darkness that dwells there."
— Ikora Rey
Scale the Vex Citadel and hunt down the source of Venus's blight.
  • Armor Upgrade
  • Vanguard Reputation
  • Experience
6 Talk to Ikora
"Oryx is dead, but his will still reaches our world. Those Echoes, shades, whatever they are…we need to stop them, wherever we find them."
— Ghost
Speak to Ikora Rey in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.

Armor Upgrade