Entropy's Pinnacle

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Blighted Coven

Entropy's Pinnacle


The Taken King




Ishtar Sink, Venus

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Entropy's Pinnacle is a Story mission in Destiny The Taken King. It takes place in the Ishtar Sink and the second and final mission in the The Taken War quest line on Venus.[1]


  • Reach the top
  • Destroy the Taken
  • Destroy the Echo


{Loading screen}

  • IKORA REY: The search to root out the Taken on Venus has led us to some dark places. None are darker than the heart of the Vex. If my information is correct, the blight now curls around the heart of their Citadel. This must not stand.


IKORA: The assault on the House of Wolves gave us detailed information about the Citadel's spire. By all indications, the heart of the blight is there, at the top of the tower. Good luck, Guardian. May your path through the Darkness lead you to the Light.

The Guardian makes their way to the Citadel.

  • GHOST: The roots of the Citadel go deep into the heart of the planet. The spire is the metal trunk of a very, very big tree. Sort of.

The Guardian enters The Juncture, finding it overrun with Taken. The Guardian eliminates the Centurions and Goblins, and approaches the lift. More Taken enemies, including Captains, warp in, but the Guardian destroys them all. The force field surrounding the lift dissipates, and they float upward.

  • GHOST: Remember Skolas? Crazy Kell, angry Fallen? Can we go back to that? I prefer them to the Taken any day.

The Guardian reaches the top of the Spire, navigating their way across the disappearing platforms. Upon reaching the central structure, four Taken Phalanxes appear, and use their shield blasts to attempt to knock the Guardian to their death. The Guardian dodges or braces their impact, and quickly deals with them after their guard is down.

  • GHOST: They were trying to knock us off that platform! Oh, the Taken really are insufferable!

The Guardian safely makes it the rest of the way across The Terminus. Several Taken blights float in the air. Under fire from Hobgoblins, Captains, Centurions, and Minotaurs, the Guardian works through the Taken army, reaching the Vex Transfer Gates. An Echo warps in, waiting for them. A large battle occurs as the Guardian is surrounded by dozens of Taken reinforcements and relentless fire from the Echo. However, the Guardian prevails and the Echo dies, taking the seemingly endless horde with it.

  • IKORA: You sent Oryx screaming back to the Ascendant realm, and still his Echoes stain our system. That is why you are here, Guardian. Only you are strong enough to stand against the terrors in the night.

{Mission ends}


Fallen - House of Winter
Vex - Hezen Protective




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