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This article is about the Story mission. For the flagship, see Dreadnaught.

"Survive the Dreadnaught's superweapon and establish a beachhead for the Vanguard."
— In-game description


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The Dreadnaught
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The Taken King




The Dreadnaught, Saturn


Disarm the Hive Dreadnaught and establish a Transmat zone

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The Dreadnaught is the third story mission in Destiny's expansion, The Taken King. It takes place on Oryx's massive flagship, the Dreadnaught, and the Guardian's objective is to find a way to deactivate its lethal superweapon.[1]


  • Explore the Dreadnaught
  • Disarm the weapon
  • Secure Transmat Zone
  • Find the Breach
  • Eliminate the Tank



Fade in to a view of the planet Saturn, its many surrounding rings, and the irreparable crater left by the Dreadnaught's superweapon; the Guardian's next target. Piloting Eris Morn's ship, they arrive within the debris field of the orbiting rings.

  • Ghost:(solemnly) It only took one blast from the Dreadnaught...

The Guardian flies Eris' ship through the widespread wreckage. Pieces of both Hive and Awoken ships litter the area, a constant reminder of the massacre that took place.

  • Cayde-6: When you're through... it will never fire again.

The camera cuts to the inside of the vessel, where the Guardian and Ghost look at each other.

  • Cayde: Just don't forget to plant the transmat link so other Guardians can land.

As they look ahead, the body of a dead Awoken soldier floats into view, further signifying the terrible blow dealt to the inhabitants of the Reef.

  • Cayde: Not everybody's got stealth tech... and a... ship that smells like Hive. Good luck, Guardian.
  • Ghost: Activating stealth drive.

As the Dreadnaught comes into view, the ship briefly flashes a tint of yellow, before disappearing completely.

  • Ghost: I'm picking up fluctuations in the power conduit.
  • Cayde: Relax. I modified the tech myself! Probably just Saturn's radio storms running interference.

The Guardian nods in silent apprehension. Suddenly, alarms within the ship start to blare, and a red light starts flashing in the cockpit. The Guardian's head jerks up in alert, and attempts to quell the situation, to no success.

  • Ghost: It's malfunctioning!
  • Cayde: Did you break my stealth drive?

The ship loses its camouflage, directly in front of the Dreadnaught's firing chamber. The Guardian continues, too far to turn back.

  • Ghost: (whispers) You think they can see us?

Almost immediately, the chamber starts to surge with energy; the weapon is charging.

  • Ghost: (panicked) I think they can see us!

The Guardian rams their fist forward, thrusting the ship into top speed. The weapon continues charging, as the Guardian rushes toward a ledge near the chamber. As the Guardian approaches, the weapon finalizes its charging sequence and fires. The camera cuts to the inside of the ship, as the Guardian shields their face from the light of the weapon's fire. The screen briefly flashes white. The explosion destroys Eris' ship, seemingly killing the Guardian. Luckily, the Ghost managed to transmat them on the ledge itself. They turn around and survey the damage.

  • Cayde: What happened!? Everything all right?
  • Ghost:(sarcastically) Why wouldn't we be all right? We're just stuck here with no ship and no transmat zone.
  • Cayde: Great! (smugly) Told you my stealth drive would work.

Fades out.


  • Cayde: All right... I'd like to tell you the strength of the City is behind you, but as long as the Dreadnaught is still firing, we can't risk reinforcements. Head inside, see if you can find whatever's powering that weapon.

The Guardian explores the large balcony, eventually coming across another floating light. It flees upon the Guardian's approach.

  • Ghost: Same thing we saw right before Phobos fell apart. Might be some kind of probe, expect trouble.

The Guardian follows the light to a massive trench. The light sits atop the only bridge across. With a flash, the light disappears, taking the bridge with it.

  • Ghost: The bridge across just vanished!
  • Cayde: Gimme a second... I'll check with Eris.(pauses) Uh... she says it's probably just a resonant spell... whatever that is, so just don't--don't trust anything.

If the Guardian hesitates:

  • Ghost: How about you let me out, and I'll take a look?

The Guardian opens the Ghost, and its scan shows several pieces of a transparent bridge, crossing the gap to the other side. Using the Ghost, the Guardian navigates the platforms and continues exploring the ship. Eliminating a few Thrall along the way, the Guardian finds a small worm writhing on the ground. The Ghost investigates:

  • Ghost: According to the World's Grave, the Hive ingest those worms. Not for sustenance, but survival. Spores, moths and worms... All things Earth's ancestors believed grew from the dead. Just a thought.

The Guardian continues deeper inside, reaching a large section with several branching rooms.

  • Cayde: Any luck with the weapon?
  • Ghost: We've only scratched the surface of the Dreadnaught.
  • Cayde: Hive keep vital operations deep in the core of their architectures. You're going to have to get your hands dirty.

The Guardian comes across more invisible platforms, and uses the Ghost to illuminate them. They make it into a room swarming with Hive. In the center is a large pillar, containing an orb of energy.

  • Ghost: That energy powers the weapon. Cayde, what do we do?
  • Cayde: OK... hold on. Eris is going on about "breaking the necrotic...." (annoyed) Aw, just shoot it.
  • Ghost: Ah. There's a shield up. Let me take it down for you.

The Guardian uses the Ghost to destroy the spire's shield, and shoots the blight energy inside until it explodes. The lights in the room dim, and metal groans as the ship powering down is heard.

  • Ghost: Okay, it's down. I'm picking up other channels to the weapon.
  • Cayde: Find them. It won't stop firing until you shut them all down.

If the Guardian makes their way across the center room, and the hallway across it, they will come across a medium sized platform. It appears to be an arena of sorts, and has two staircases converging on a large portal, which opens.

  • Ghost: There's a stream of interdimensional energy concentrated within that field...growing stronger.

A giant being steps out of the portal. It bears a shocking resemblance to Crota, the Hive god assassinated long ago. Accompanied by two Wizards, the creature, revealed to be Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota, attacks the Guardian.

  • Ghost: ...and something just stepped out of it.
  • Cayde: Stay on target—we need more Guardians on that Dreadnaught.

Either the Guardian leaves or attempts to engage the Fanatic. If the Guardian tries the latter, their efforts are useless; it is clear this battle must be fought another time, and with greater numbers. Soon, Thalnok and the Wizards disappear and the portal closes. Cautiously, the Guardian investigates the portal entrance itself:

  • Ghost: The output is consistent with my readings at the Shrine of Oryx on the moon. Osiris believed all of the Shrines were connected and went searching for their nexus...I think we've found it. (flatly) Did I tell you Osiris never returned?

The Guardian leaves the platform, and eventually finds another room with a pillar of energy. Following Cayde's advice, the Guardian takes down the shield and destroys the energy.

  • Ghost: The weapon's cycling down! Let's find another channel.

The Guardian continues to another room, this time surrounded by Taken. When the Ghost attempts to disable the shield, it is immediately repaired; the Taken are defending the last level of Oryx's defenses. Once the Guardian eliminates them all, the Ghost is sent to dismantle the shield, and it remains powered down. The Guardian destroys the last energy blight. All the lights in the area shut off, and the weapon is heard shutting down.

  • Ghost: The weapon's down! Cayde, what's our next move?
  • Cayde: We need that transmat up and running. There's a massive hull breach near your position, that'll be your best bet.

The Guardian discovers the exit, and finds a few Acolytes emerging from it. Quickly handling them, they reach the Hull Breach to find a massive Cabal ship, permanently embedded into the Dreadnaught's architecture. Cabal, Hive and Taken are all fighting each other across the breach.

  • Ghost: (surprised) A Cabal ship! Skyburners colors! It must have deployed from Phobos.
  • Cayde: (confused) Cabal? We'll deal with them later. Secure that transmat zone!

The Guardian heads to the edge of the ship's cavity and plants a beacon in the ground.

  • Ghost: Activating transmat link! Our ship is inbound.

While waiting for their ship, the Guardian kills Cabal and Hive.

  • Cayde: (proudly) Hey, Zavala! Wanna know what a transmat zone on The Dreadnaught looks like?
  • Commander Zavala: (angrily) You landed a Guardian on the Dreadnaught without authorization?!
  • Cayde: Oh, right! (sarcastically) Can I have authorization??

Just as their ship arrives however, the hangar door to the Cabal ship opens, and a Goliath emerges from inside, focusing fire on the Hive and the Guardian.

  • Zavala: We'll discuss it later. Guardian, take care of that tank, or the transmat zone won't matter!

The Guardian's ship is forced to retreat, the Goliath posing too much of a threat.

  • Ghost: I'll bring down some ammo crates from the ship—you're going to need them!

A few seconds later, heavy ammo cases appear around the area. Using them, the Guardian destroys the Goliath. Their ship returns near the transmat zone.

  • Zavala: Guardian... Cayde just briefed us on your.... unorthodox mission. Your victory, no matter the method—is a Vanguard victory. You have our thanks.
  • Cayde: Everyone loves a bad idea when it works. Now, excuse me Guardian, I have to go have an... uncomfortable conversation with Eris about... her ship. Get home safe.

{Mission ends}


Hive - Blood of Oryx
Cabal - Skyburners


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