Summoner's Circle

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"Transmissions do not conform to expectations. No sign of Uldren yet, yes? Petra, you must rally the crows. Make them fly. Strange things happening at heart of Dreadnaught. They must be stopped."
Variks, the Loyal




Outbound Signal

Summoner's Circle


The Taken King




Dreadnaught, Saturn


Eliminate the Infantine

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Summoner's Circle is a story mission in The Taken King. It takes place on the Dreadnaught as the first stage of the Quest The Road to King's Fall which involves eliminating the Infantine Ogre from being infused with Taken power.



{Loading screen}

  • ERIS MORN: The machinations of the Hive never cease. By your hand, Oryx has been thrown from our world. But His will still drives the horde, clawing at the Light. In the depths of the Dreadnaught, a coven of Acolytes gestate an abomination: a warspawn of the Hive, pulsing and growing in a pool of Taken power. We cannot suffer this beast to live.


  • ERIS: The priests of Oryx work their spell deep in the heart of the ship. Your goal is simple: summon the beast before their work is complete. Begin with the crackling green core of their magic. Find champions of the Hive and harvest their souls.

The Guardian heads towards The Founts by way of the Mausoleum. Upon entering, a deafening roar rocks the condemned prison. They soon find a group of Acolytes led by a Wizard. The Guardian kills them and finds a polyp from the Wizard's corpse. After finding two more Wizards with polyps, Eris speaks:

  • ERIS: The soul you have harvested—it screams for freedom. Find a tomb husk and give it purchase.

The Guardian finds a tomb husk floating above a shrine.

The Guardian picks it up in their hands. However, another roar is heard, much closer.

  • ERIS: The souls nestle within the husk. Find the gestation pit and summon forth the beast. Do not allow its worm to complete the cycle. End it now.

Several Ogres appear. Preoccupied with holding the tomb husk, the Guardian runs past them. They eventually find shelter deeper within The Founts. The Guardian finds the black liquid pool, guarded by Knights and Acolytes. They put the Tomb Husk inside. A rumbling is heard, and the Guardian steps back. A large Hive Ogre slowly crawls out of the black pit, accompanied by several Thrall and Cursed Thrall. As The Infantine emerges, it slams its fists on the ground in rage.

  • ERIS: Send it back to the void!

The Guardian is attacked by the Infantine, Cursed Thrall, Knights, and Ogres. However, the Guardian triumphs, and The Infantine falls dead to the ground.

  • ERIS: The Hellmouth, the Chamber of Night, the Taken. Always have the gods of the Hive worked against the Light. Today, you held them in check. Today, the Darkness gained no ground.

{Mission ends}


Hive - Blood of Oryx


  • It seems that when Eris commands you to kill the Taken Wizards to collect their polyps, they appear to be regular Hive instead. This might be a developer oversight.