The Founts

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The Founts
The Founts.jpg


Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings

Enemy factions:

The Silent Brood

Connecting areas:

The Asylum

Area type:



The Founts is a location within the Dreadnaught orbiting Saturn.

Points of interest[edit]

After dropping down into the prison, if one were to continue down the hallway past the entrance to the courtyard, there is a hidden room where the player can insert a charged Agonarch Rune. This will summon many waves of Taken enemies. Defeating them all will drop a chest that can be opened, which contains one of the Calcified Fragments.

Immediately to the left of this hole to the room containing this chest, the player will see a pile of rubble and old casks. Hidden behind said heap is yet another Calcified Fragment.


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