Calcified Fragment

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Calcified Fragments are a collectible item found throughout the Dreadnaught in The Taken King. Similar to Dead Ghosts, Calcified Fragments are hidden in a number of easily-overlooked or difficult-to-reach locations during Patrol, Story missions, Strikes, and the King's Fall Raid, and upon being retrieved by the player they will unlock a related Grimoire card.[1] There are fifty Calcified Fragments to collect, though only forty-five are necessary to obtain the Exotic Scout Rifle Touch of Malice.



Twenty-six Calcified Fragments can be obtained during Patrol on the Dreadnaught. Another nine can be obtained in the Court of Oryx by using specific runes, defeating specific bosses, and completing Eris Morn's Dreadnaught Bounties.


Four can be obtained only during the Story mission Regicide on the Dreadnaught.

King's Fall[edit]

Five can be obtained only during the King's Fall.


Two Calcified Fragments can be obtained during Strikes on the Dreadnaught: one in Shield Brothers and one in The Sunless Cell.

Other Activities[edit]

One drops as a Nightfall Strike reward.

Challenge Mode[edit]

Three are acquired by completing the three Challenge Modes for King's Fall Raid.

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