Shield Brothers

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Shield Brothers
Grimoire Shield Brothers.jpg


The Taken King expansion


1 - 3



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"Funny story: Remember that Centurion Oryx took right after you landed on the Dreadnaught, then the Centurion and the taken Ogre tried to stop you from killing the King? Heh... didn't work. So the Centurion's bond brothers are pretty angry they lost their commander. They're leading a team to blow up the Dreadnaught's core. Core goes... most of the system goes with it. You're going to make sure that doesn't happen."

Shield Brothers is a Level 36 Strike available in The Taken King. A Cabal assault team led by Valus Tlu'urn and Valus Mau'ual has invaded the Dreadnaught, and are attempting to blow up the ship's core, threatening to destroy the entire system.[1][2]



Fight through or run past the small number of Hive and Cabal fighting each other and enter the Cabal ship.

Variable Dialogue[edit]

  • Ghost: "Cayde, why'd the Cabal crash their ship into the Dreadnaught? Those are extreme tactics for the Cabal."
  • Cayde-6: "The Vanguard intercepted a signal; a message from the Cabal way outside the Solar System. A direct order to crash the ship, make a beachhead, and take out the Taken King. Now that's loyalty."

Dantalion Exodus VI‎[edit]

This first room will be one of the first variable encounters, and is a Darkness Zone. This room can be filled with Cabal, mostly Legionaries. Defeat all enemies, making sure to run past the fire gate before it goes up. This fire gate can severely damage, if not outright kill, Guardians who try to run past.

Miniboss: Goliath Tank[edit]

Variable Dialogue[edit]

  • "A tank?! Why would you bring a tank to space?!"
  • "Watch out! They brought a tank to a gunfight!"

A Goliath Tank will emerge from a large set of doors. This fight will be relatively difficult due to fighting the Tank in a confined space, but can be done easily enough so long as players pay attention to where enemies are located and where the tank is aiming its cannon. Shoot the Tank's boosters to bring it down quickly. The Cabal guarding the Tank are Phalanxes so pay attention to where they are. Legionaries and Psions will spawn on the balconies to outflank you.

Once the Tank is defeated, head into the next room for another variable encounter. This room can be filled with Taken.

Variable Dialogue[edit]

  • "I heard Ikora say once that the Cabal have six words for advance, and none for retreat. I'm not one for fancy speeches, so when you find them... shoot them?"
  • "I can't tell you the number of scouts I lost to these brothers on Mars. They need to be stopped. Go carefull."

The Bridge[edit]

The next area opens up and is filled with Cabal. Fight past them to get to the final area.

Variable Dialogue[edit]

  • "So, the Bond Brothers may not even know that the Primus was taken. This whole thing could be a power play to get their dead commander back. That's the hold the empire gets on their loyalty, Guardians. Loyalty beyond death!"
  • "I bet those brother's don't even know that their commander is dead. Their attack might be some kind of ultimatum." *Deep, monotone voice* "'Give us the Primus, or we blow up the ship.'"
  • "If the brother's don't know their commander is dead, this attack may be some kind of bargaining chip. Kind of reminds me of me and Zavala. With, less yelling off course."

The Narthex[edit]

Have Ghost scan the bombs to start the boss fight.

Variable Dialogue[edit]

  • "I didn't think they would leave the core intact, I--oh. Bombs. It's covered in bombs."
  • "That... is a lot of Cabal explosive hooked up to the Dreadnaught core."
  • "Something's wrong with this picture... You get three guesses."

Boss: Valus Mau'ual[edit]

Mau'ual will be the first to appear. He has no ranged attacks, but he will consistently lunge at your fireteam with his sword and jetpack, which has a fairly large damage radius. This attack can also knock back Guardians and kill them if they hit the walls. Also, a unique enemy called Psion Burners will start appearing in this fight. Bring Mau'aul down to 40% health, and he will retreat.

Boss: Valus Tlu'urn[edit]

Next, Tlu'urn will come out. He moves less aggressively than Mau'ual, but instead attacks using a mortar. This mortar causes Arc damage will telegraph where each explosion will hit on the ground, so keep moving to avoid getting hit. Approaching Tlu'urn will make him do an attack similar to Mau'ual, but with a smaller area of effect. Bring him down to 40% health, and he'll retreat as well. Clear out all enemies to activate the final phase of the fight.

Boss: Valus Mau'ual and Valus Tlu'urn[edit]

Both Shield Brothers will now appear, except each one has an added ability: Mau'ual's lunge attack now does Solar damage and leaves behind a lingering fire trap. Tlu'urn is now protected by an overshield that blocks all attacks; however, entering his shield and forcing him to move will lower the shield. On top of that, killing one of the brothers will cause the other to gain the abilities of the dead brother. It is best to damage them both enough so you can take them out quickly when this happens.

Variable Dialogue[edit]

  • "I mostly keep doing this Vanguard thing for the perks, and the bragging rights, but I guess it's nice to keep the system from exploding too."
  • "I hear that the Cabal are big on honor. But look at their actions, not their words. You've put an end to war criminals. Butchers. And, you've shown the empire what the Vanguard's all about. Nice work."