Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

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"We've picked up a high-gain transmission. Origin point is somewhere along the coast, near the Cosmodrome... Get in there, assess the threat, and aid Rasputin. A threat to the Warmind is a threat to the City as well."
— In-game description


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Fallen S.A.B.E.R
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Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen


1 - 3


Cosmodrome, Old Russia

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Fallen S.A.B.E.R. is a Level 36 Strike available in The Taken King. Rasputin has called for aid in fending off a Fallen attack led by S.A.B.E.R.-2, a giant super-powered Shank.[1]


  • Reach Distress Coordinates
  • Decrypt Access Code
  • Defend the Warsat
  • Open the Bunker
  • Enter the Bunker
  • Disrupt Rasputin's Defenses
  • Proceed into the Bunker
  • Shut Down the Power
  • Locate the Breach Site
  • Draw Out Attackers
  • Destroy the S.A.B.E.R.-2


{Loading screen}

A scratchy recording is played for the fireteam of Guardians, entirely in Russian. The voice is immediately recognizable as Rasputin, the Warmind A.I. Rasputin's dialogue will be displayed as its translated English:

  • RASPUTIN: I am in danger, the systems are damaged.
  • GHOST: That's Rasputin, the A.I. Warmind. If I'm understanding him correctly, it's a distress call! There are so few ballet fans left, Guardian. It'd be a shame to lose him.


  • ZAVALA: We can't afford another Omnigul situation. Get in there, assess the threat, and aid Rasputin. A threat to the Warmind is a threat to the City as well.

The trio of Guardians head to The Grottos. The sky darkens, and Rasputin speaks again:

  • RASPUTIN: Military satellite launched, access codes are inside.
  • GHOST: Rasputin's dropping a Warsat from orbit! It contains codes we'll need to get access to his bunker.


  • GHOST: Heads up! Rasputin's dropping a Warsat in from orbit--it's got the codes we'll need to access his bunker.


  • GHOST: We have a Warsat incoming! Rasputin says it contains codes we need to gain access to his bunker.

The Warsat crash lands in front of the Hive Seeder, near the edge of the shore. One of the Guardians scans it with their Ghost. As the Ghost scans the Warsat, Fallen Skiffs touch down on all sides, surrounding the fireteam. Dregs, Vandals, Stealth Vandals, and Captains all attack the defending trio.

  • GHOST: Sorry, just a little longer--I think Rasputin is testing me.


  • GHOST: Sorry this is taking so long, but these sequences are incredibly complex. Plus, I'm actually not that great at math, so... (trails off awkwardly)


  • GHOST: I'm going as fast as I can--you think Rasputin would've made this a little easier on us.

If the Guardians for one reason or another fail to extract the information in time, the Warsat will explode, killing them all. However, if they succeed, the Fallen enemies will retreat.

  • GHOST: I've got access! Let's go.

The Ghost leads the fireteam to a hidden tunnel underneath the Warsat's landing with a large square door. Ghost scans it and uses the newly acquired codes to open the rear entrance to the Bunker.

  • RASPUTIN: Access granted, protocol annulled.

The Guardians head inside, finding a cave dotted with flood lights in the area.

  • ZAVALA: I'm detecting comm signals deep in the vault.
  • GHOST: Anyone with a radio could've picked up Rasputin's distress call! If we don't shut it down, half the Cosmodrome could be at his front door.

The trio of Guardians arrive at a metal door built into the natural formation and enter. Several Exploder Shanks and Turret Shanks float in from holes in the floor, and advance on the Guardians. They are accompanied by a large platoon of Fallen, including Captains, Servitors, and Stealth Vandals. The Guardians eliminate all the Fallen, and a small panel on the other side of the room opens, likely a result of the battle.

  • GHOST: I could try to override Rasputin's system locks, but no telling how he might react. Must be some other way to bypass his systems.


  • GHOST: I can try to override his system locks, but Rasputin's reaction to a hack might be... extreme. Must be some other way to bypass his systems.

If the Guardians have trouble finding the solution:

  • ZAVALA: Try to find a way to access his systems directly. Could be your only way through.

One of the Guardians tosses their grenade down the open shaft. The explosion triggers several blasts around the room and Rasputin immediately speaks in an angry tone:

  • RASPUTIN: System breached, damage sustained, planning counter-actions.
  • GHOST: That sounds like it hurt.... (whispers) Sorry!


  • GHOST: He's... not happy.
  • ZAVALA: You're through. That's all that matters right now.


  • GHOST: Ooh... okay... wow. He is... really pretty mad at us! I think he--yes. Yes, he just threatened us with orbital death from above. Let's get moving!

A few panels on the near side of the room open, two Sniper Shanks entering. The Guardians kill them and walk inside. They find a small iron grate at the end and shoot it open, falling through into a lower level inside the bunker. After crossing through a few other rooms, they find a long tunnel, where large bolts of electricity surge throughout the walkway. Several streams block the only exit, located on the other side of the tunnel. An empty conduit sits on the near side. The fireteam's next objective becomes clear.

  • GHOST: Oh, great. Arc streams. You must have knocked something out of alignment!
  • ZAVALA: You've seen worse, Guardian. Push through.


  • ZAVALA: All that raw power... someday we'll establish communications with the Warmind--speak to it, understand it. If we are ever to reach a Second Golden Age, it will be with Rasputin at our side.


  • GHOST: This Arc energy is coming from the depths of Rasputin's power grid. It's similar to what we use to power the City, but its drift velocity is totally different than ours... fascinating.

One of the Guardians moves nimbly through the tunnel, avoiding being shocked by the energy pulses. As they make it to the other side, and pick up the power core, they are surrounded by Sniper and Exploder Shanks. The energy of the core weighs the Guardian down, making them Slower. The other Guardians take action and defend their ally against the Shanks as they safely make it across and deposit the core. The Arc energy slowly dissipates and the door is clear. The fireteam fight their way through another group of Fallen, including Stealth Captains, Servitors, and Exploder Shanks. Victorious, the trio heads even further with Rasputin's lair.

  • GHOST: Rasputin has incredible technology under lock and key down here... I'm almost surprised he doesn't have breaches more often! Guess it helps he really, really doesn't like visitors.


  • GHOST: Rasputin's genuinely worried! I think they're trying to bypass his database and gain direct control of the Warsats! That would be... bad.


  • GHOST: As a fellow inorganic life-form, I just want to note that Rasputin has a much better setup than I do! He has a secret bunker with space weapons! (sarcastically) I live in your backpack.

The trio of Guardians run through the lobby of the War Bunker and make their way inside.

  • RASPUTIN: High priority to mobile unit--

The floor on the bunker opens up and an extremely large Shank floats out of it, and unfolds its motors. The culprit of the breach, S.A.B.E.R.-2, has been revealed.

  • GHOST: That Shank's been modified to crack his systems. Let's take it out.

The Guardians engage in battle with the Shank as it fires a mounted Wire Rifle from the top of its body. As it takes damage, Turret Shanks appear and also open fire. The S.A.B.E.R. takes too much damage and the cannon falls off. It then switches to dual turrets located on its front. Exploder Shanks attack on all sides, flanking the Guardians. They manage to kill the Shanks and damage the Ultra even further. Out of options, S.A.B.E.R.-2 performs a kamikaze attack, attempting to shock the Guardians to death,. With quick feet and teamwork, they prevail, and the enormous Shank falls dead. The threat to Rasputin is over.

  • GHOST: Not even a crazy Russian 'thank you' from the old man... (annoyed) typical.
  • ZAVALA: The Fallen will claim nothing from this breach--not even the debris! I'm sending a fireteam to seal the complex. (angrily) This cannot happen again; it will not. Thanks to you, Guardian, the dream of the City lives on, without fear of weapons in the sky.


  • GHOST: You know, they probably built that thing out of scrap from the Cosmodrome... it's lucky that it managed to work as well as it did. Maybe it was the size... it was pretty big--for a Shank. Hmm... would I be more useful with a larger chassis?
  • ZAVALA: (flatly) Yes... In any case Guardian, that was impressive work. The skies will remain free of weapons, for the time being.


  • GHOST: Zavala, these breaches are a serious threat. Has the Vanguard tried to reach out to him recently--get him to understand we're allies?
  • ZAVALA: The last time we sent in a team was years ago. (gravely) We found what remained of their bodies scattered across the Skywatch.
  • GHOST: (disturbed) Uh... noted.
  • ZAVALA: In the meantime, I'm sending a team to seal the vault. All thanks to you, Guardian. Impressive work.

Mission ends.


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Fallen - House of Devils
Hive - Hidden Swarm
Devil Splicers


  • The Heroic version of the Strike sometimes has Hive or Taken attacking Guardians during the defense of the Warsat.
  • As of Patch 2.4.0, traces of SIVA have been seen throughout the Strike. This is to signify that the Devil Splicers are preparing their invasion and that Guardians must prepare accordingly.