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HyperNet Current


Destiny 2




Neomuna, Neptune


Enter the Vex Network to reactivate the city's defenses.

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HyperNet Current is a Destiny 2 Strike introduced in the Lightfall Expansion, located on Neomuna. It follows a Guardian Fireteam, guided by Nimbus and Empress Caiatl, entering the Vex Network to reactivate the city's defenses via the CloudArk. At the same time though, they must listen to a recurring foe speaking to them throughout the strike, as well as cleansing the Taken from the Vex Network due to their recent incursions.


  • Reactivate Neomuna's Defenses
  • Defeat the Shadow Legion Forces
  • Enter the Vex Network
  • Investigate the Vex Network
  • Cleanse the Taken Blights
  • Push Farther into the Network
  • Cleanse the Taken Rifts
  • Enter the Central Control Area
  • Defeat the Taken Hydra


(Mission Begins)

  • Caiatl: Guardian, my forces report that Shadow Legion units are shifting their attention to the CloudArk.
  • Nimbus: That's likely why Neomuna's defense systems are reading offline, but I bet those Vex punks are also poking too close to the city's internals.
  • Caiatl: Let us hope that your technology continues to be resilient. This shift likely means Calus is attempting a different approach.

The Fireteam makes their way to Maya's Retreat, while battling through the Shadow Legion and Vex.

  • Ghost: Is that...a Taken blight? The Shadow Legion are forcing Taken into that Vex pocket!
  • Nimbus: The VexNet uses similar gateways as the CloudArk... which means that they could infiltrate the network and gain access to the The Veil.
  • Ghost: The Taken are relentless, especially under the Witness's control. We need to get in there and stop them.

The fireteam battles the Shadow Legion and an Imprint of Nezarec before defeating them.

  • Ghost: The Vex portal is clear. Let's follow those Taken and remove them from the system.
  • Nimbus: Hey, Guardian? I'm not sure if this is because of the Taken, but... I'm starting to get a lot of weird claims from CloudArk citizens.
  • Nimbus: Screams, weird voices, nightmares... you name it.
  • Nimbus: The CloudArk is built on the energy field produced by the Veil. It's resilient, but not impenetrable. A backdoor wouldn't be impossible.
  • Nimbus: Hopefully getting rid of whatever is at the center of this will shake all that weirdness out of the system too.
  • Nimbus: Hopefully.

The Fireteam continues making their way through the Vex Network until they come across a Blight infested area.

  • Ghost: There's got to be a way to destroy these blights. We can't let any more of them form.

The Fireteam is successful in clearing out the blights and makes their way outside.

  • Nimbus: Guardian! It looks like you're getting closer to the source of the problem. That track nearby looks like your best bet!
  • Ghost Let's just hope it's stable.

The Fireteam uses their Sparrows to cross over the track.

  • Unknown Voice Oh, finally...
  • Ghost: What-what was that?
  • Unknown Voice: Such a fragile space. This will do.

The Fireteam continues driving down the track.

(Mission Ends)


Cabal - Shadow Legion
Vex - Sol Collective

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