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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Dara Danu







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Cloud Strider

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Newest Cloud Strider after Rohan.


Nimbus is the latest warrior of the Cloud Striders, cybernetic defenders of the city of Neomuna. They also serve as the Destination vendor of the city and an active ally of the Guardians and the Coalition.


Nimbus joined the ranks of the Cloud Striders, training and fighting under the mentorship of Rohan. They and Rohan meet the Guardian as they all work together to defend Neomuna from the Shadow Legion invasion. After Rohan sacrificed himself to destroy the Radial Mast, Nimbus took the role of the primary defender of Neomuna.

Personality and Traits

Being the 'rookie' of the two Cloud Striders, Nimbus is fun-loving and boisterous, often cracking witty remarks even in some dire circumstances. They are also highly confident in their fighting abilities, making them a little smug and a bit impatient, but nonetheless a loyal ally and dedicated defender of Neomuna. Nimbus also held their mentor, Rohan, in high esteem and was deeply saddened by his sacrifice and death. While they, at times, wondered if they could fill in the void he left behind, they nonetheless vowed to honor Rohan's memory. However, following Calus's defeat, Nimbus began to doubt their abilities and if they could be a worthy successor to Rohan, causing them to act recklessly as they aided the Guardian in infiltrating the Black Garden. Thanks to Osiris's guidance, however, Nimbus was able to regain their balance and focus on their duty as Neomuna's protector.

Nimbus has shown little interest in debates or prolonged discussions, once telling The Guardian they mostly zoned out during a technical discussion with Osiris.

When first meeting the Guardians, Nimbus admitted they had an outdated expectation on what to expect, as they have only ever heard stories of the Lightbearer Warlords, half-expecting them to be sword and shield-wielding invaders. Despite this, Nimbus welcomed the Guardian as an ally in the fight against Calus and the Shadow Legion, though they did display a small bit of envy at the powers the Guardians have displayed. Likewise, they didn't object to the alliance the Guardians made with Empress Caiatl and welcomed her as an ally all the same, though she appeared annoyed with their casual manner.


  • Nimbus derives their name from the Cumulonimbus Cloud.
  • Nimbus is the first non-binary character to appear in-game.


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  1. ^ Tweet by Bungie: "We celebrate and honor #NationalComingOutDay for everyone who identifies as LBGTQIA+. Be brave, Guardians. And know you don’t walk alone."