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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Mentored Nimbus
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Rohan is a Cloud Strider featured in the Lightfall expansion.


Like all Cloud Striders, Rohan became a Cloud Strider at the Sidereal, where he received an injection of nanomachines that augmented his physical abilities. He was mentored by Tramontane, a senior Cloud Strider, who tasked him with keeping watch over the border between the Vex Network and the CloudArk. During this time, Rohan found a way into the Black Garden, and witnessed the creation of the Black Heart by the Conceptual Mind; according to Rohan's notes, he determined that the Vex had been trying to create a copy of the Veil. He managed to escape the Garden and told the Neomuna city council about his experience, but the council chose not to take any action against the potential threat, a decision which Rohan later came to accept.[1]

Eventually, Tramontane reached the end of her ten-year post-enhancement lifespan and succumbed to her augmentations, and Rohan was assigned to mentor Nimbus, a newly augmented Cloud Strider.

During the invasion of Neomuna by the Shadow Legion, Rohan and Nimbus encountered the Guardian and Osiris, who had traveled to the city via Cabal drop pods launched from the Astaroth Rex II as it fell into Neptune's atmosphere. The two Cloud Striders assisted the Guardians in their efforts to stop Calus from reaching the Veil and forming a link between it and the Traveler using the Radial Mast.

When Calus' forces managed to break into the Irkalla Complex and attempted to link the Radial Mast to the Veil, Rohan allowed the Guardian to pursue them by breaching the outer wall of the Complex with his Skyboard. After arriving at the Radial Mast, he attempted to interfere with the device's functioning and prevent it from forming the link, but ended up becoming trapped inside it. After the Guardian fought off waves of Shadow Legion troops led by Val Bho'kaurl, Rohan forced the device's casing open so that the Guardian could destroy it using Strand. Unfortunately, the Guardian was too exhausted from their recent use of Strand to summon it again, leaving Rohan with no choice but to destroy the device himself in the only way he could: by sacrificing himself in a self-detonation that was powerful enough to break the Radial Mast.

After his sacrifice, Rohan's core was retrieved by the Guardian, who gave it to Nimbus for interment within the Hall of Heroes.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Rohan is the older and more stoic of the two current Cloud Striders of Neomuna. He consistently shows disdain for the headstrong and headlong attitude of his protégé, Nimbus, admonishing them with proverbs and lessons on their immaturity. However, Rohan nonetheless trusts in Nimbus's combat abilities and doesn't doubt their commitment to Neomuna. He keeps an awareness of his limited mortality at the forefront of his actions, informing Osiris on their first encounter that he understands far better than him what is at stake, as he has no lives to spare.

Despite his rough exterior, Rohan has shown a dedication to the safety and prosperity of Neomuna, capable of self-sacrifice. He displayed this when he chose to sacrifice himself to destroy the Radial Mast when the Guardian was incapable of doing anything to achieve that end.



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