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The CloudArk is a virtual reality construct and data network utilized by the Neomuni for a variety of purposes, including recreation, data storage and coordinating civil defense.


The CloudArk was developed in part from studies of the Vex Network, and its infrastructure is also supported by the paracausal energy field emitted by the Veil.

The Neomuni can access the CloudArk while their physical bodies remain in cryogenic hibernation, allowing them to experience a variety of virtual environments. Neomuni within the CloudArk can also appear within the physical spaces of Neomuna as holographic projections, allowing them to participate in real-world events to a limited degree.

Within the virtual spaces of the CloudArk, there are regions of greater or lesser abstraction, with the "shallow" levels containing realistic representations of a city environment and the "deeper" levels blurring the lines between self, surroundings and data.[1] Neomuni within the CloudArk can choose to represent themselves via avatars with fully customizable appearances, ranging from realistic facsimiles of their physical bodies to more abstract and outlandish shapes.[2]

The Vex are unable to easily infiltrate the CloudArk, likely due at least in part to the paracausal influence of the Veil. However, individuals within the CloudArk are able to enter the Vex Network with relative ease.


"The CloudArk is an nth dimensional paracausal fold, and we use it to store library books."
— Conrad Jain

The origins of the CloudArk date back to the Ishtar Collective's research on the Veil during the early history of Neomuna; a CloudArk prototype device was encountered by the Guardian during their exploration of the Irkalla Complex, where the Veil is housed.

Initially, the CloudArk was utilized by the Neomuni mostly as a data storage medium, until a game designer named Conrad Jain (who would later become the Cloud Strider known as Bluejay) used it to make a virtual reality environment as part of a vidgame. In doing so, he also discovered that the Vex were using the CloudArk as a power source, even though they were unable to enter the CloudArk itself. However, Jain was able to enter the Vex Network from the CloudArk, and managed to drive the Vex away from it.[3] Although his actions were looked upon favorably by later generations, at the time Jain was convicted of public endangerment by breaking Neomuna's laws against virtual reality technology.[4]

According to a Neomuni children's rhyme, at some point in Neomuna's early history, the CloudArk was plagued with viruses sent by the Vex. A Vex Mind named Aesop is said to have bargained with the Neomuni, offering them respite from the Vex attacks in return for their servitude. The Neomuni refused, and in retaliation Aesop killed the children of the Neomuni who were currently within the CloudArk. Since this time, the Neomuni have worked tirelessly to maintain the CloudArk's defenses against further Vex threats.[5]

Invasion of the Shadow Legion[edit]

During the Shadow Legion's occupation of Neomuna, the Neomuni collectively placed themselves in hibernation and entered the CloudArk so as to minimize the potential for civilian casualties. A force of Taken led by Parthenios, Drifting Mind attempted to break into the CloudArk from the Vex Network, and were repelled by a Guardian Strike team. During this time, Neomuni within the CloudArk also reported experiencing nightmares, which were revealed to be caused by Nezarec, a Disciple of the Witness whose consciousness had embedded itself within the Vex Network. However, the Guardians managed to purge the CloudArk of Nezarec's influence after slaying the revived Disciple within the terraformed Pyramid flagship, Essence.

Though Nezarec's death rid the nightmares the Neomuni were experiencing, the Vex continued to make attempts to breach into the CloudArk, as if they were searching for something. This led the Guardians to conduct an investigation led by the Hall of Heroes archivist, Quinn Laghari. They soon discovered that the Vex are seeking to reclaim a Vex Mind that had been dwelling within the CloudArk, Soteria. With Quinn's help, the Vex's efforts were thwarted, leading Soteria to express its gratitude as the Vex Mind had grown to enjoy the "quiet" within the CloudArk and had no intention to return to the Vex Collective.

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